Is Nylon a Good Fabric?

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Is Rayon A Good Fabric?

Rayon is a type of fabric that is good in every aspect. It is versatile. And it has the ability of shape-shifting to convert into other types of clothes. Because of the qualities, you will find many dresses with this fabric. However, it is unknown and types of mysterious to people. After hearing all of … Read more

Is Cotton a Synthetic Fabric?

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What Is French Terry Fabric?

French terry fabric is widely known for its clothing. It is a lightweight fabric that is comfortable when you wear it, especially during the winter season. There are many people that love to wear this fabric. However, the question is how many people know about this fabric. As a buyer, you might have a question … Read more

What Is Sateen Fabric?

Sateen fabric is nowadays one of the most popular fabrics that will give you a luxurious vibe on your dress. It has a glossy and smooth surface that gives it an expensive look. You can consider it a great alternative to satin, wool, linen, or silk fabric. However, if you have not heard about this … Read more

What is Poplin Fabric?

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Can You Iron Cross Stitch Fabric?

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Can You Use Rubber Cement on Fabric?

Doing crafts with rubber cement and fabric can be a great idea. Among all the types of glues available, rubber cement is one of the most flexible and creates a better bond with the surface. Rubber cement is a component that dissolves easily on any surface. However, we all know that fabric is sensitive enough … Read more

Can You Use Fabric Paint on Polyester?

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Is Acrylic Paint Fabric Washable?

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