Best Double Sided Tape for Fabric – Strongest Double-sided Clothes Tape

Using double-sided tape for fabric can help you if you want to save time or don’t know how to sew. Sewing takes a lot of patience whereas double-sided tape for fabric can do your work easily in a short amount of time without any problems.

Sometimes sewing or using a safety pin is not safe for you. That’s when you need clothing tapes. Because in the world of fashion, this product is something that they use in their everyday life.

That’s why here in this article, we will give you some of the best double-sided tapes for fabric.

Best Double Sided Tape for Fabric

Best Double Sided Tape for Fabric

Fearless Tape – Double Sided Tape for Fashion

Fearless Tape - Double Sided Tape for Fashion

To keep your clothes hold against your skin comfortably this Fearless Tape is the perfect solution for you. It can keep your dress or undergarments in the same place for the whole day long. Each of the stripes is 1/2 inches wide X 3 inches tall. So it has a perfect size.

If you worry glue on the tape will cause damage to your skin, then you don’t have to worry. It is because it contains all the safe materials that you need. You can also wash it off from your skin. That’s why there won’t be any residue or glue marks.

Instead of running your clothes with metal pins to attach, you can use this fabric-friendly tape. This double-sided tape is invisible to everyone except for you. And there won’t be any lumpy marks or lines on the fabric. Like your skin, it won’t leave any residue on your skin.

From now on, you can move with confidence while wearing strapless dresses. It will help you to wear stylish dresses without any problems. It can keep belt straps from flapping. You won’t have to worry about finishing glue on the tape after using it for some time.

Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape

Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape

This Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape is easy to use. It has a double-sided press-on adhesive system that makes it easy to use. It has a permanent and instant bond for fabrics that make it usable for any type of situation. So in an emergency situation, you won’t have to worry about sewing.

If you want to use this tape for hems, you can turn the fabric inside out. And then measure how much you need. After then you can place it where you want to hem. After then you have to give a firm pressure. It will help you to set up.

If you are using this for adding ribbon or trims, then you can use it on the back of the ribbon and peel off the paper backing. After then, you can attach the ribbon to the fabric. So by simply pressing, now you can do your work easily.

You will get this fabric fuse in 5/8 inches x 6.67 yards. As it has double-sided adhesive, so you can say it is pretty easy to use. So if you have got no time for sewing to fix things, this one would be a better solution for you.

Scotch Removable Fabric Tape

Scotch Removable Fabric Tape

With the help of this double-sided fabric tape, now you can fit any clothes of yours without struggling that much. It can hold much fabric well without giving you a hard time. It helps you to remove or reposition anything from your clothes without any problem. And you can also use it easily.

You can cut these tapes into perfect lengths to make sure you can hold your fabric in the perfect place. In this way, you won’t have to waste anything. And you can work as you would love. It’s one roll-on per pack will be sufficient for you.

You can say it is both fabric and skin-friendly. That’s why you won’t have to worry about getting any bad reaction to your skin. If you are worried about getting your clothes destroyed or getting glue stains, then you don’t have to worry. Because it doesn’t leave any residue or spots. 

While using this tape, you can say you won’t need any ironing or sewing. All you have to open the tape and adjust it on the cloth that you are wearing. It is not that difficult task. So anyone can use it without any problem. And its easy-peel liner makes it even more comfortable to work.

ATack Extra Sticky Clear Double-Sided Tape

ATack Extra Sticky Clear Double-Sided Tape

Are you looking for a fabric tape that has extra stickiness? Then this ATack Extra Sticky Clear Double-Sided Tape would be the perfect choice for you. Because it has twice the bonding power it works better than the regular fabric double-sided tapes you have ever seen. So you could say it has great strength.

It has high tack yet thin clear double sided mounting tape. That’s why you can say it is ideal for use on your clothes. In this way, you will be able to create extreme bonding without making your work difficult for you. Its transparent color makes it invisible to other people when you are wearing it on your clothes.

You will get a neat and pro-level application with this mess-free adhesive. Its heavy-duty clear double-sided tape will give you the perfect result you need while making a craft project or you want to do a hem on your clothes. That’s why you can even use it on wood or any leather products.

There won’t be any extra sticky residue once you have removed the tape. That’s why it is even better for different dresses and clothes. It will also make sure not to cause any allergic reaction to your skin once you have attached it. That’s why there is nothing for you to worry about.

Fashion Clothing Tape Double Sided – Clear Tape for Clothes

Fashion Clothing Tape Double Sided - Clear Tape for Clothes

Do you want to outsmart your outfit? Then this double-sided would be the perfect solution. You can feel confident after wearing this secretase. It can make sure you fit into your clothes without sewing or anything. It is a great alternative option to sewing or using safety pins.

This transparent double-sided tape is ideal for all skin types and shades. That’s why you won’t have to worry when you wear it to fit your clothes instead of using safety pins for you. It is also a much safer option than any other thing you have seen. 

This tape is strong and versatile. That’s why you can say it will make you feel confident once you wear it. It will also be helpful in your daily movements. That’s why you can say it will erase your problems with your wardrobe. It works skin to fabric really well than the other ones. 

You will get 100 pieces per pack. That’s why you can use it for countless things. Such as hiding bra straps, blouse gaps, hem, and many more things. Overall it will be a great option for you to use for a long time in a day.

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape

Aleene's Fabric Fusion Tape

If you are looking for something that is easy and quick to use, then you can get Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape. There won’t be any spots on the clothes after you have used them. You can fix your clothes instantly without even causing any problems to you. So it is perfect to use.

This tape is 5/8 Inches wide and 20 feet in length. That’s why you can say it is usable for a long time. You can even cut it into your desired pieces and lengths. There won’t be any problem for you. That’s why it is best to use it for your fabric.

This double-sided adhesive tape is not that difficult to use. In fact, all you have to do is peel off the tape and adjust your clothes. You can even do different work with it. There won’t be any problem for you. It will adhere to fabrics permanently. So it would be a great option to use.

You won’t need to worry about getting rid of this tape from your clothes once you wash them. With cold water, you can wash it. It will remain flexible. However, if you want to remove the tape, then you can wash it using warm water.

Fabric Fusing Tape Adhesive Hem Tape Iron-on Tape

Fabric Fusing Tape Adhesive Hem Tape Iron-on Tape

This tape comes 1/2 inches wide and its length is 27 yards. So with this tape, you don’t have to do the hem on your fabrics by sewing. You can do this task by using this tape. It will make your work much easier than you think. It also has a sufficient length that is ideal for your daily usage.

You can easily use it. All you have to do is flat your clothes on a surface and then use a piece of tape to the desired place. Now you need to damp that place and use an iron on it for 10 seconds. That’s how you can use this tape for your work.

You can save your time because of this tape. It is also water-resistant. So even if it contacts water, there won’t be any problem for you. So for your repair or craft work, this one would work really well. And you can save your time as well.

You can use it like you normally use tape. Its seal is sturdy. That’s why even after several washes with cold water, it will remain in the fabric. But if you want to remove it from your clothes, then you can use some warm water and soap. It will work.

Buying Guide of Best Double Sided Tape for Fabric

For some people, it is still new to use double-sided tape for fabric. That’s when people get confused about what to get like a double-sided tape. That’s why you have to get a basic idea about the double-sided tape. It is better to have a buying guide that helps you to make a standard for yourself. That’s why in this section of this article, we are going to give you a basic buying guide that will help you get the best double-sided tape for fabric.


While getting anything for yourself, you have to make sure to consider the materials of the product. You have to use double-sided tape for both fabric and your skin, so you have to make sure it has all the high-quality materials.

Not every fabric will react the same with every type of tape. So if you are getting the tape to mend or repair it, then you have to get one that works flexibly.

Other than this, you also have to think about the reason you are using tape. Like if you want to use it for fitting clothes with your body, you need something that is lightweight and goes well with your skin tone.

If you have to mend your heavy-weight clothes, then you need to get heavier double-sided tape for fabric. It can make sure to hold the clothes together without losing its grip.

So depending on your needs, you have to choose tapes based on their materials. In this way, your work will become even easier than you think.

Ease of Usage

Not every fabric has the same texture. That’s why it can be hard to apply double-sided tape for fabric like pongee fabric. So you have to make sure you can apply double-sided tape easily on any type of fabric without any problem. So if the tape is hard to use, then it isn’t worth your money.

Comfort and Durability

When we are using something for our body, comfort is the first thing that we give priority. So when you are talking about these fabric tapes, you also need to think about your comfort as well.

Some people have sensitive skin. Hence it is normal for them to get allergies to adhesive from the tapes. It can make them feel itchy. That’s why you need to get one that is skin-friendly. 

On the other hand, your tape should also be durable enough to hold your sweat, and make sure you can wear it for a long time. You have to use fabric tape instead of safety pins or sewing anything, so make sure it gives you a permanent result.

So not only do you have to look for comfort in double-sided tape, but you also have to know whether the product is durable or not.


Using these tapes is easy and can save you a lot of time. Nowadays, many people use them for easy convenience. So if you have zero ideas about this type of product, then this article should have been helpful to you. Hopefully, this list of the best double-sided tape for fabric has been greatly helpful to you.

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