Best Fabric for Baby Blanket – Softest Material for Your Little Ones

A baby blanket is something that every kid needs. When you are choosing a baby blanket, you also have to think about what fabric you are going to use. If you worry about ready-made blankets material that you can get from the store, then you can make one for yourself in your home. But before you start to sew, you should know about the fabric you are going to use.

As there are different types of materials that you can use to make a baby blanket, as a beginner you can get confused about which one you should choose. Because it is a sensitive matter when it comes to babies. That’s why here in this article, we are going to give you a list of some materials that are perfect to make blankets.

Best Fabric for Baby Blanket

Best Fabric for Baby Blanket

Minky Dimple Dot Blanket Fabric

Minky Dimple Dot Blanket Fabric

The first fabric here is raised dot Minky which is suitable to make blankets for kids. It contains 100% polyester fabric that gives you the guarantee of durability. It will also make sure you can use it for a long time without having a hard time. And your baby also won’t feel uncomfortable.

This fabric weighs 1 lb Per Yard. It means it is not that heavy for your kid to hold. In this way, you won’t feel suffocated. Also, it is 58 to 60 inches wide. And you will get a 4-way stretch. The thickness is 3mm. So overall, it would be a perfect fabric to get for your kid.

There is a smooth mink-like surface along with raised dots. Also, its softness can not be resisted by anyone. This soft material is used for baby blankets. You won’t find any flaw in this fabric if you are getting it to make a blanket for your baby. So overall, it would be a great choice.

You won’t have to do pre-wash before you use this fabric. As it is perfectly constructed, so there will be no beading-type issues on any side. You can even use it for your custom projects. Moreover, you can easily work with this fabric. It won’t be hard for you to use it here.

Spoonflower Fabric

Spoonflower Fabric

This one is also a Minky fabric. The best thing about this fabric is its print. It has cute owl printing. And that’s what makes it look better than you think. You can also use this fabric to make plush toys. It has the perfect look to make toys for your kid as well as a blanket.

This fabric is 54 inches wide. So you can say it has the perfect width to cover your baby when it is sleeping. It creates a perfect surface for your kid to sleep on. It can shrink highest 1 to 2% in length and 1 to 3% in width. So you can say it doesn’t shrink.

They make their unique designs by independent artists around the world. It has 100% polyester. Its napped finish will give you a proper way to feel plush materials. You will get multiple fat quarters that will make sure you can do individual cuts. So overall, it won’t give you a bad result or anything.

You can use this fabric for quilting, loungewear, plushies, blankets, and cold-weather accessories. As a baby’s skin is delicate, so you have to get something that makes them feel comfortable especially when they are sleeping. So this fabric’s quality is top-notched. And your kid also won’t feel suffocated after wearing it.

Shannon Embrace

Shannon Embrace

Shannon Fabrics is a well-known brand when it comes to the textile industry. They have always made plush fabric. All of their fabrics are of premium quality. So if you are getting this fabric for your baby to make a blanket, this one would be a better option. You can get different types of fabric from here.

This fabric has 100% Cotton. This ultra-soft double gauze fabric has two layers of gauze tacked together. That’s why it will make your kid feel safe and comfortable whenever you put it on him. The prints of this fabric are also suitable for kids.

Once you use it to make blankets for your kid, your baby will fall in love with it. That’s why you can say there is no better fabric than this one. It is lightweight and airy. As it has breathable material, so it won’t make your kid feel suffocated. 

From baby blankets to fashion accessories, you can make everything without any problems. They also come in different patterns and designs. So overall, it is a decent product that is ideal for kids to use. As kids are sensitive to everything, organic cotton is something that you should use. It will not even make your kid uncomfortable.

Comfy Flannel Footprints White/Primary, Fabric by the Yard

Comfy Flannel Footprints White/Primary, Fabric by the Yard

This comfy flannel fabric is perfect if you are going to make baby winter clothes or blankets. Because it is enough soft and comfy for newborn babies. So you won’t find it odd when it comes to using it for kids. So overall, it would be great to use for, especially a newborn baby.

Before you start to make a blanket out of this fabric, make sure to do pre-wash. In this way, you will know the proper size to make a blanket without any shrinkage. Washing can also prevent bleeding. So you could say it would a better choice to use for you.

Once you wash this fabric, it will give you a soft and comfortable feeling. That’s what a flannel material should give you. This fabric has organic cotton. So it is safe for newborn babies. There won’t be any allergic reaction after using this clothing. So it would work well. And you can use it all season.

You can also do ¼ inches seam. You can also cut them easily with the best fabric cutting machine without any problems. This flannel comes from 40 inches to 42 inches wide. So it would be a better option to use if you want something that works all season.

Shannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Chenille

Shannon Minky Luxe Cuddle Chenille

This chenille fabric from Shannon Minky is the perfect thing that you can think about if you want something that is cuddly and soft. It has 100% Polyester. The way this fabric was made is the best thing you can provide your kid.

This fabric is a favorite product among all those parents who want to make a blanket for their newborn kids. You will get this fabric in different colors and patterns. So you can choose whichever you like to make a blanket for your baby.

It has a very creamy texture. That’s why you can say it is cuddly and soft to touch. So on a chilly night when you put this fabric as a blanket for your kid, you won’t have to get worried about getting any discomfort. So overall, it would do a great job, especially for kids.

There are thin lines here in this fabric. And they can make a unique texture. That’s what makes it different than the other fabrics. So you can use it for not only making a blanket but also use for unique home decorating projects. It would work really well for you. You can even use this knit fabric for baby clothes making.

Spoonflower Fabric – Soft Deer Hide Spring Fawn Skin Red Hunting Printed on Minky Fabric

Spoonflower Fabric

If you are looking for a different print in fabric to make a blanket, this one from Spoonflower would be the best choice for you. It has a hunting deer print that makes it perfect for you. Moreover, its print has a soft finish that gives it a plushy vibe.

This fabric has 54 inches wide. So you can make a blanket for babies without too much-adding fabric. You can do that work easily without having many problems. You may need to add some extra fabric to the beneath on this one. However, it would make the perfect blanket for kids, especially for newborns.

Its fabric design was done by Willowlanetextiles. You can get this fabric by fat quarter or yard. It’s up to your choice. So you can get fabric based on your selection. There won’t be any problem for you with anything. Even it will be easy for you to cut it.

You can use this fabric for making different quilting, plushies, blankets, loungewear, and cold-weather accessories. So other than making a blanket for your kid, you can use it to make different things. And reviews are also great of this particular fabric. So you can choose it.

Polar Fleece Solid Sky Blue

Polar Fleece Solid Sky Blue

If you are looking for something in fleece, this one from Newcastle Fabrics would be a better choice for you. As we all know, fleece fabrics always work better when you are making them for feeling warm. It will also make you feel comfortable. So this one can be a great option.

This one has medium-level absorbency power. So you can say it won’t absorb water. The moisture-wicking also makes it better than you think. After using this fabric as a blanket, you can say it will make your baby’s body feel warmer than you think. Other than making it a blanket, you can use this fabric for many things.

You can do a cold wash or use tumble dry low for maintaining this fabric. As it has 100% polyester, so you won’t have to worry about durability. Other than this, there won’t be any problem with this fabric. The width of this fabric is 60 inches.

This fabric is thick. It is not a see-through cloth. Also, it is not that shiny. But if you prefer lighter clothes as a blanket, it is not better to use.

Buying Guide of Best Fabric for Baby Blanket

Now you have got the list of the best fabric for a baby blanket. It might create confusion for you about what you should choose and what not to. That’s why you need a buying guide section. It will help you to make a decision.

In the following section of this article, here we will tell you some of the important things that you have to consider. It is especially when you are about to choose the perfect fabric for a baby blanket.


When choosing anything for your kid, knowing a perfect size is important. It is a tricky thing. Because sometimes you may think the size is enough but it is not. To keep your baby feel comfortable and warm, sizing is also important.

That’s why always make sure to keep this in your mind when you are getting fabrics. Make sure to get one that has enough width that will help you to cover your kid perfectly.

So yes, you have to keep in your mind that sizing is important when it comes to getting. You can get fabric by the yard. Then cut them as you prefer.

Types of Fabric for Baby Blanket

There are different types of materials when you are talking about baby blankets. As babies have delicate skin, so you can say it would be better to choose something safe and gentle.

If the fabric is not breathable, then it might keep your baby suffocated and uncomfortable. Sometimes due to this reason, it can make your kid feel claustrophobic. So do a test before you choose a fabric.

It is better to choose organic fabric than synthetic. As cotton is not synthetic, so you can say it is suitable to use. However, there are some exceptions such as polyester fabric. Most of the blankets are made with this fabric.

The other thing you have to consider is choosing a fabric that is perfect for the season you are using. If it is the summer season, you should look for something lighter. And if the season is winter, the heavier the better for you.


We have said this before while choosing something that is for our body it is better to think about your safety. If the materials are not safe for your kid, it might cause harm to them. So you have to look for safety. Kids have delicate and soft skin. For them, it would be better to choose a fabric that is gentle on them.


We have mentioned several materials here in this article. All of them are perfect if you are talking about making material. You can also use them to make different toys other than making blankets. So hopefully, now you know through this article which one would be the best fabric for a baby blanket.

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