Best Fabric for Pleated Skirt – Pleated Fabric Ideas

Making a pleated skirt with the best fabric that works out well for you is the best thing ever. Pleated skirts are common in the fashion industry. It creates a statement that gives you all the look. From casual to party, you can wear it all the time. It is also easy to sew this type of skirt if you know the pattern very well. However, if you wish to make it at home, it can be hard for you to know which fabric would work for you.

That’s why to help you out from this situation, we have made a list of the best fabric for a pleated skirt. It will make sure you can make it in the proper clothes.

Best Fabric for Pleated Skirt

Best Fabric for Pleated Skirt

Mudder SG016503

Mudder SG016503

To make a pleated skirt, you need to have a fabric that is colorful and looks great. And here we are bringing 50 pieces of fabric that can help you to make a perfect pleated skirt without making a problem. It can also bring diversity to your skirt as well as your look.

All of these fabrics have 100% soft. So you can say they are cuttable and soft. It would be easy for you to cut them and make a pleated skirt at home. In this way, it will add something interesting to your skirt. All of them are pre-cuts, so you have any hassle while cutting them.

The colors of this fabric are vibrant. So it will give your skirts the best look possible. If you are a beginner at sewing, this one would certainly work for you. Because you can use it as a practice base. There are also different clothes that are ideal as sewing practice fabric.

Whether you use a manual cutter or an electric fabric cutting machine, this one would be perfect for all. So overall, it would be a great choice for making a colorful pleated skirt at home. And you can even do this work easily.

Sedona Designz Cotton Blend Broadcloth Fabric

Sedona Designz Cotton Blend Broadcloth Fabric

This plain fabric is perfect to make skirts like pleated. Because of the texture and everything this fabric is perfect clothing to make it. It is lightweight and smooth hand feel. That’s why whenever you wear it, you will feel comfortable. And the thread count of this clothing is also absolutely perfect.

The width of this fabric is 60 inches. So you don’t have to do any extra cuts or patchwork. It has the perfect size to make a skirt for yourself. So you can say that this one is the perfect thing that you can add to your closet.

It has 20% cotton and 80% polyester. So you can say there is a perfect blending on it. Because of this reason, you can say this fabric will be both durable and breathable. So overall it is not a bad choice if you want to purchase it for making a pleated skirt. In fact, it will do a better job than you think.

This one is a smooth and flat-looking fabric. There are no patterns in it. That’s why it is suitable to make a dress or skirt. This poly-cotton has always made sure to provide you with the best clothing ever. So in this way, you won’t feel disappointed with it.

Carr Textile Poly/Cotton Uniform Plaid Fabric by the Yard

Carr Textile Poly/Cotton Uniform Plaid Fabric by the Yard

To make your pleated skirt look great, you can get this poplin fabric. Its pattern is enough to make up your mind when you think about making a skirt. It comes in different colors. You can even use it to make school skirts. There will be no problem with it. And you can even cut it properly.

There is 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton Twill as material. As this fabric has polyester, so you know it doesn’t have durability issues. And cotton is known for its breathability. So you will feel comfortable after wearing this fabric as your skirt. So you can say there are no compatibility issues with this clothing.

This fabric is 60 inches wide. So you won’t have to do extra cuts while making skirts. In fact, it will adjust like a pleated skirt well. As this fabric is sold by the yard, so you can cut it however you like to do. There won’t be any difficulties regarding this matter.

You can do a cold machine wash of this fabric. But make sure to keep it in a gentle cycle. Its color won’t bleed. It drapes well. So to make a pleated skirt, this fabric would work well. It can be also a fashionable choice for you to make.

David Angie Tie Dye Printed Double Brushed Polyester Fabric 

David Angie Tie Dye Printed Double Brushed Polyester Fabric

If you are looking for stretchy fabric to make your pleated skirt, then you can choose this fabric. This has both polyester and spandex. That’s why it becomes a 4-way flexible fabric. So you can say it is drapey, soft, and stretchy. Overall, this fabric is great. And you can wear it every day.

With 4-way stretch knitted polyester fabric, now it will be easy for you to make a pleated skirt that is perfect in every way. It has been through a brushing process on both sides. Even in this polyester fabric, they have given a tie-dye pattern. So it is a great option.

If you want to remove all the extra pills from this fabric, you can use a fabric shaver. There won’t be any problem with this fabric. Moreover, its color is perfect for any type of weather. You can even this clothing for many things. There won’t be a big problem. So for casual wear, this one is a must thing.

With this knit fabric, you can make a proper skirt that will give you the best look you have always wanted. Its print is vibrant. Before using this fabric, make sure to clean it perfectly with cold water. After washing, it will feel soft and smooth.

Stretch L’Amour Satin Fabric for Pleated Skirt

Stretch L'Amour Satin Fabric for Pleated Skirt

Do you want to make a luxury skirt for yourself at home? Then you can use this fabric. This satin fabric will make sure to add some extravagance to your dresses. That’s why you can say this fabric would be a great option for everyone. Especially, if you are making it for a special event.

It contains a mixture of 95% Polyester and 5% Lycra Spandex. So you can say it is somewhat stretchy. Although it is not visible. These are from the USA. So you can say it doesn’t compromise with the quality. So you can feel rest assured about this product. There will be nothing wrong with it.

This fabric is 58 inches in width. And you will get it by the yard. So after getting this fabric, you can cut however you want to. As it is wide enough, so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake while creating a skirt on your own.

You will get a lustrous sheen on this gorgeous fabric. Also, it reflects light. It drapes so well that you will get amazed by it. This fabric is somewhat heavyweight and medium-weight. So overall, it would be ideal to use on a special occasion with a touch of comfort.

Charmeuse Satin Fabric 

Charmeuse Satin Fabric

Here we bring another satin fabric that will give you a glamorous look once you make a pleated skirt with it. For any wedding or this type of occasion, you can use this fabric to make clothes. It is available in many colors. All of them are vibrant enough to stand you out against many people.

If you are looking for an affordable option with a luxury vibe, then this one would be a better option to use. Because each of the pieces of this fabric can give you a lustrous sheen that you would love to have in your fabric. Overall, it is a decent product.

As this fabric has 100% Polyester, you can say it is durable enough to use for a longer time than you think. It has a floaty drape with a smooth surface. That’s why it even works better than you think. So you can make a skirt that will float well.

You can wash this fabric with warm water with mild soap. After then you can hand it in for drying. It is soft enough to wrap around you. This one is not heavyweight or lightweight. That’s why it will be easier for you to carry. Other than making skirts, you can use them for making dresses.

Kona Quilting Fabric for Pleated Skirt

Kona Quilting Fabric for Pleated Skirt

Here we bring another 100% cotton. Like the other cotton fabric, this one also has enough breathability that will make you feel comfortable. It also drapes well perfectly to make sure you can wear it well and perfectly.

This fabric is carcinogenic dyestuff, formaldehyde, lead, and skin-friendly. It has been tested several times. So you can say it is safe to use. It has all the confidence in textiles certification. So you don’t have to worry about anything even if you have sensitive skin. You can use this fabric without any problem.

This fabric doesn’t shrink at all. And even if it has shrinkage, it is unnoticeable. That’s why you can say it wouldn’t cause any problems for you. In fact, it will make the fabric softer than it ever was. That’s why most people like to use 100% cotton fabric. They always make sure you love to wear them.

In a sense, you will make the perfect pleated skirt with this fabric perfectly. There won’t be any problem with it. Overall, it is a decent product if you compare it with its price.

Different Types of Pleats for Skirts

Although some people think a pleated skirt is only one type this is not true. In the fashion industry, there are several types of pleated skirts. All of them have different designs and names.

Usually, pleat means it comes in a folded shape. In this way, it will help you to create different types of folds. It also helps you to create many types of skirts with different designs.

So if you have basic ideas about the types of pleats that you can use to make skirts, then it will be easy for you. That’s why here in this part of this article, we will discuss different types of pleats here.

Accordion Pleats

The accordion has narrow pleats. This one is also a common fold skirt. These are the smaller version of the knife pleat. Overall these types of skirts are comfortable to wear. Usually, to make this type of pleat, you can use synthetic fabric.

Cartridge Pleats

Cartridge pleats are also known as gauging has multiple rows of basing stitches. It has tiny folds that create a small space. Although modern clothing doesn’t use Cartridge folding. However, hundred years ago women used to use these pleats.

Knife Pleats

Knife pleats are one of the most common ones. It has both inside and outside pleats. It has some similarities with the basic knife folds. That’s why people call it knife pleats. You can make dresses, and skirts with this type of plate. As it is one of the most common ones, you can say it is easier to make.

Crystal Pleats

Crystal pleats have the sharpest yet smaller pleats. These have a symmetrical width. Its small folds look like they are fluting. You have to use gauzy material to make this type of pleat. They are also great for making dresses.

What fabric is a pleated skirt made of?

There are different materials that you can use to make pleated skirts. Also, it depends on for what reason you are making the pleated skirt. After then, you can make a decision.

If you are making plaid pleated skirts, then you have to use 100% wool. It will give you a better result. On the other hand, if you are making a regular pleated skirt, then you can use 100% cotton fabric. These are lightweight and easy to handle.

But to resist wrinkles, you can use the skirt with synthetic fabric. These don’t get creases. You can also use satin fabric. They look gorgeous and give you the best vibe.


Did you get the idea of which one would be ideal for you to use? It is easy to make a pleated skirt if you have an idea of the fabrics. That’s why we have tried to give all the information. Hopefully, through this article, now you know which one would be the best fabric for a pleated skirt for you.

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