Best Fabric for Screen Printing Frame – Commonly Used

While using fabric for a screen printing frame, you have to know about the quality. Because the whole duration of the product depends on it. That’s why you have to get such a fabric that actually works and you can use for a long time. When you are thinking about the quality, you also have to know about the weaving style.

As there are many brands that claim to have the best fabric for screen printing frames, so it is normal to get confused about it. Because if you are a beginner, you are bound to get confused. That’s why in this article, we have mentioned the top 7 fabric for screen printing frame that works well.

Best Fabric for Screen Printing Frame

Best Fabric for Screen Printing Frame

1. TECHTONGDA 3 Yards 1.27 Meters Wide Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh – Best Fabric for Wooden Frame

Best Fabric for Wooden Frame

You can use this polyester one instead of silk fabric because of its elastic memory, tensile strength, and chemical resistance feature. It can also hold up moisture from the color and abrasion heat. So overall, everything from this fabric makes it the best thing to use on the screen painting frame.

You can use it on a 20 x 24 screen printing frame without any problems. There is high tension threshold and breaking point that makes it stable. Also, it works great under ink in the screen printing process. That’s why this polyester silk mesh will make sure all the colors can adjust on it properly. And you can do screen printing easily.

As raw materials, all the high-quality polyester filaments were used in it. And the machines have produced monofilament screen printing mesh yarn. That’s why you will get good stability along with an even mesh formulation. You will also get this one at an affordable price.

This fabric is wrinkle-resistant, sunlight-resistant, abrasion resistant features. There are no bad smells here as it is odorless and non-toxic. You will get dimensional stability even under tension. So you can say it would work great as the best fabric for screen printing frames.

2. MS WGO Silk Screen Printing Mesh – For All Types of Screen Printing Frame

For All Types of Screen Printing Frame

With the help of high-quality raw materials, these fine-quality polyester filaments were created to use on the screen printing frame. It contains everything that makes sure the colors can be set into it perfectly. So this monofilament screen printing mesh yarn will exceed your expectations. So overall, you will not feel disappointed while using this fabric.

You will get good stability at an affordable price in this fabric. The mesh formulation is also even. That’s why its surfaces are smooth enough to spread color properly. When you keep it a room temperature, it won’t produce dilute acid. So it will be a great product to work with anywhere.

This mesh can withstand high tension. When you use ink in the screen printing process, you will get a better result than you think. Even if you store it, there will be no mildew. Also, it has good electrical insulation. So you can say you won’t have to worry even if you store it anywhere.

As this fabric has a strong wrinkle resistance feature, so you can say you will get a smooth surface every time. Even this fabric is resistant to alkalis and acids. It can also resist sunlight. Overall, all the features of this fabric make it great to use.

3. ETPUVIUMBE Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric – Best for Screen Printing Machine

Best for Screen Printing Machine

Here we bring another screen printing mesh that makes sure you can work properly without causing any problems. This fabric is enough durable to endure the best tension. All the threads of these fabrics are either domestic or important. This fabric contains 100% polyester. The weaving of this clothing is also plain. That’s why this 110 mesh thread fabric will work for you great.

You will also get nice appearances from this one. It comes in all standard sizes. That’s the plus point of this fabric. You will get a finer printing effect once you apply color to it. It will also fit into a screen printing fabric perfectly. So overall, it will do a great job.

It has an excellent capacity for rubbing with a printing squeegee. That’s why even if you use it for a longer time, there will be no side effects to it. So you can say this fabric will be great. It also comes at an affordable cost. So it is worth it.

As it has 100% polyester monofilament mesh, so you can stretch out this fabric easily. It comes in a folded position. That’s why you can store it easily. It is 63 inches wide. And in terms of length, it has 3 yards of fabric. So you can cut it into a shape that you have to use.

4. Ving Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric

Ving Silk Screen Printing Mesh Fabric

This one from Ving also comes in a folded shape. So if there are creases, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Because when you are using it on the stretching machine to paint, all the creases from the clothes will be gone. And you will have an even surface for painting.

As there is 100% Monofilament Polyester, so you can say it is durable enough to endure all the processes while printing the mesh. So in terms of quality, no compromises were made here. You will have an amazing result with it.

The 110 mesh is one of the most popular and best when you are talking about printing. These types of meshes are used in most screen printers. So it will give you better services than you think. As it comes in white color, so all of the colors will look vibrant here.

The weaving type of this fabric is plain. So it will be easier for you to use it on the printers for printing. All the standard sizes of screen printing frames will be perfect for it. It contains high strength, low elongation, and good tension stability. You can get this high-quality silk mesh fabric at a reasonable price.

5.H&N Silk Screen Mesh for Screen Printing Fabric


With the help of this 100% Monofilament Polyester silk fabric, now it will be easy for you to use for printing colors. This fabric is 50 inches in width and 108 inches in length. So enough to fit into an aluminum or wood frame.

It has 110 mesh which is popular among screen printers. So you can say it will be comfortable for you to work with it without having any problems. Even if you want to use a screen print frame at home, this one will work great.

This fabric is enough stretchy to stretch and works great. That’s why you can say it will make a great surface to work on. And you will get the result you want to have. 

Once you unfold the fabric from the envelope, it might have some creases. However, you don’t have to worry. Because once you set it with the frame, all the creases from the fabric will be gone.

6. VViViD Double Primed Cotton Canvas

VViViD Double Primed Cotton Canvas

Are you looking for such a mesh fabric that doesn’t turn yellowish stain or fade the colors, then this one from VViViD Double Primed Cotton Canvas would be perfect for you to use. Because it has an acid-free and double-primed acrylic-based surface that will make sure you can use it for a long time.

Because of the materials, you can cut this mesh fabric into any size you want. So you can choose the size and then use it the way you want. There will be no problem with anything. In fact, it will make your work easier.

You can use it whenever it is right out of the box. You don’t have to do any formality with it. From professional to personal screen painting, you can do everything you want to. There is no restriction on it. Also, it will make sure to hold the colors well.

The colors will stick here perfectly without making any work hassle for you. In fact, it is a perfect piece to use when you are doing screen printing at your home all by yourself. On the screen printing frame, it will fit perfectly. Overall, it is a decent product that works.

7. Caydo Big Size Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh – Best Fabric Mesh For Aluminum Frame

Best Fabric Mesh For Aluminum Frame

This fabric has 110 Mesh (43T). So you can say it is already the best thing that you can get. This white screen printing fabric will make sure to hold all the colors that make it the best.

This fabric is odorless, so you won’t get any type of weird smell from it. It is also wrinkle-resistant. So there will be no wrinkles on this fabric. And because of the good elasticity, you can stretch it however you love to do it. You will get the proper result.

As it is resistant to sunlight, so you can expose it to the sun. There will be no issue or anything. Also, it is abrasion-resistant. It can even withstand high tension. Also, it always is in a good shape under ink in the screen printing process.

Buying Guide of Best Fabric For Screen Printing Frame

Getting the best fabric for a screen printing frame sounds easy. However, knowing the right type is also something that you should know. That’s why to help you out, here we will give you a basic buying guide that will help you to know about the best fabric. In this way, it will be easier for you to get the perfect one that will work out for you.

Types of Fabrics for Screen Printing

There are many types of fabrics you can use for screen printing. However, only a few types will work out for you. And here we will mention some of the types of fabrics that go well with a screen painting frame. Because not every fabric is ideal for this job.


Nylon fabric is great for almost everything. Mesh fabrics from nylon are one of the great and best. They have a fine texture. That’s why you can say it does the best job. You can also dye this fiber easily.


When it is about using colors or dyes in polyester, you can say it works the best. Also, you will get durable fabric from it that can withstand any type of problem. So polyester mesh fabric also works great.


PVC always works best when you are talking about screen printing. You can also stretch it out with your maximum limits. There will be no problem with anything. 


You have to get the proper size of fabric while you are using it for screen printing. It’s because if the size doesn’t go well with your frame, then it might ruin the whole work. That’s why before you look for mesh fabric for your screen printing frame, make sure to take the measurements beforehand. It will save you time in many ways.

Strong and Durable

If there goes something wrong with your fabric, it might cause breaking your whole design. That’s why you have to get something that is strong enough to hold for a long time. So look for a fabric that is both durable and strong. In this way, you will be able to do your work perfectly.


If the fabric has a wrinkle-resistant feature, then no matter what you do it won’t get wrinkles. This one is one of the most important features rear screen printing frame fabric should have. So while looking for a fabric, you have to consider this point.


There are different types of fabrics that work well for screen printing frames. However, it is up to you which one works better for you. In this article, we have mentioned both products and buying guides here. It will help you to understand what product will be useful to you. Hopefully through this article now you know which fabric will work for your screen printing frame.

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