Can You Use Fabric Paint on Canvas?

Using fabric paint on canvas is a trend. But the thing is can we use fabric paint on canvas board? You can use fabric paint to do DIY decoration has become a new style nowadays. From decorating pieces to your clothes, you can use them for anything. It helps you make a creative talent about yourself and gives you enough space to create your thoughts Will it be normal to use outdoor fabric paint for canvas or not? Is it going to be ok or make a big mess in your painting?

If you plan to do serious painting, then the canvas is the best thing you can use. Although fabric paints are meant for clothes, you can also use them on canvas to show your creativity. But while using fabric paint on the canvas, you must use a primer. It will give a vibrant and better color than you think. So you can use fabric paint on canvas.

Now you must be wondering about how you will be able to use fabric paints on canvas or the procedure of doing this. Here in this article, we will tell you everything about this topic. From first to last, you will know everything from here. You will also get guidance from here.

Can You Use Fabric Paint on Canvas?

Can we use paint on the canvas board?

For generations, people have been using canvas to paint. Usually, there are two types of fibers used in making a canvas. So you can get both expensive and cheap ones. The backup option is also great to use, even for an amateur painter.

As canvases are made out of either cotton or linen, you can say it has natural materials. If you have sensitive skin and are worried about chemical reactions, then you won’t have to worry. Both of them are 1200% natural, so there will be no chemical effects.

That’s why you can say you can use any paint to work out with the canvas. There will be no problem with anything. In fact, you can do a better painting on a canvas than in the other place. Canvases are universal when it is to the use of a type of paint in them. So yes, you can use it.

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Can You Use Fabric Paint On Canvas?

If you can use different types of paint on a canvas, there should be no reason for you not to use fabric paint on it. But you need to think about whether you will get your desired result or not. As there is a thin difference between fabric and canvas, so you might get a different result.

That’s why to get the best result, you need to give proper time to prime the canvas. You have to add a coat of primer as it will make sure to stop the paint from absorbing oil and make sure you will get the proper surface to draw.

So yes, you can use fabric paint on canvas. But you need to maintain some rules regarding it to make it permanent.

What other types of Paints can you use on Canvas?

There are different types of paints that you can use on canvases. But there are 3 types of paints that are known. These are tempera paint, oil paint, and acrylic paint. These have been used over generations. So these are suitable to use.

Tempera Paint

This tempera paint is one of the oldest paint that you can use on a canvas. People also call it finger painting. Because of the creamy and sticky texture, you can apply it on the canvas easily. It is a non-toxic paint that anyone can use for their artwork.

Because of the food protein, you can say this one works actually great. You can even use tempera paint on fabric because of the consistency. As it is water-based paint, so you can easily wash it with warm water. It will cause no stain on your clothing. That’s why it is famous among people.

Oil Paint

Although it takes too much time to dry oil paint on a canvas. However, it is easy to apply and works best on Canvas. The colors from this type of paint are vibrant. Also, you will love the texture of it. You can say it lasts an even longer time than other types of paints.

It is a little bit expensive. But it is worth your money. But its materials are toxic. And some people may have an allergenic reaction because of it. But again, for canvas, this type of paint is the best.

Acrylic Paint

Like tempera paint, this acrylic paint is also water-based. It is one of the fastest-drying paint that you have ever used on a canvas. Although it has a thick consistency, you can change it. You can make it thin and change the texture. Many people have loved to use this paint on canvas. You can get it in different qualities.

The colors of this paint can be very bright. But the sole problem with it is you need to work at a warm room temperature because it dries fast. Once the paint dries, it will be hard for you to remove it from the brush.

Difference between Fabric Paint and Canvas paint

Both fabric paint and canvas paint are the same in some contexts. But a professional painter can tell the small details difference between them. Here we will tell you some brief differences between fabric paint and canvas painting.

  • You can use fabric paint when you are using it on a natural material. And that material needs to be 100% natural. You cant use it on synthetic material. But if you are talking about canvas paint, then you can use it on a different surface. It works on everything without making things difficult.
  • Canvas prints are always on the surface to make sure it stays for a long time. Other than priming, you won’t have to work too hard to use it. But if you are talking about fabric paints, then you need to remember it has a dye and binding agent. And it keeps clinging the color to the fabric. So before dyeing, you need to soak clothing.
  • Canvas paint can be a little hard to apply on a fabric. Nut with fabric paint, you can easily apply it on the canvas.
  • Fabric paint doesn’t get damaged no matter how much time it has passed or maybe it is in contact with water. But canvas paints cant give you a guarantee about it.

Does fabric paint stay on canvas?

Yes. You can keep the fabric paint on canvas. However, you need to keep some precautions and basic steps. So that you will get bright and vibrant paint on your canvas. You can use fabric paints on your canvas and make it stay like the other regular paints you have been using.

But before you use outdoor fabric paint for canvas, you need to make sure you get a primer. You need to spend some time priming your canvas. You can use this Grumbacher Gesso primer. It has been working great. Even some professional has advised us to use it on Canvas. Prime is an essential product as it will seal the paint into the five. Also, it will not crack.

How to Paint On Canvas Fabric with Fabric Paint

Everything has its process. And the same thing goes for canvas. You need to follow a method that will let you paint perfectly without causing you any problems. And that’s why in this part of the article, we will tell you about using fabric paint on canvas.

Things that you need

  • Canvas fabric
  • Fabric paint
  • Board
  • A nice primer
  • Paint Brush
  • Extra cloth and gloves for protection


First, you need to decide what type of canvas material you are going to use. Both cotton and linen are great. So you can choose one that goes well with your preference. After then, you need to choose the colors. And make sure all of the important things are right in front of you.

Also, look for the perfect place where you can complete your painting perfectly. Because the environment also matters.


Now you have to stretch the canvas fabric as much as tightly as possible. You can use tight and wood wedges. They are the best tool that you can use for this step.


After stretching, you should prime it with a nice primer that will help you to adjust the paint. You should take some time to prime. Because it is one of the most essential steps as it can make the color look great. And take some time to dry it.


Now place the canvas into a comfortable position where you can comfortably work. And then start to sketch the design that you are planning to draw. It can help you to do your brushwork.


At last, take a proper brush and start your painting slowly.

Tips to Paint On Canvas Using Fabric Paint

Even when you are painting, some tips will always help you to work. So here in this section of this article, you will get some tips.

  • Never forget about priming. Take some time and choose a primer that works great for you.
  • Always keep your canvas in a comfortable position. It makes work easier for you.
  • If you are a beginner or hurry in painting, then you should better use a small canvas. It would be better if you sketch starting using colors.
  • Choose the right brush. A wrong brush can make your painting worse. It would be better to add a background to the canvas.


Using canvas for painting is the best tool that you can get. But you also need to think about what you can use for it or not. Fabric paint is not a bad option unless you wash it.

Fabric paints can be a little tough to apply on the canvas. However, if you have the right method, then there will be no problem with using it.

Hopefully, after reading this article, now you have got your answer to using fabric paint on canvas. Have you ever tried to do it? If so, then tell us about your experience.

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