How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Circle Skirt?

Wearing skirts was always in trend. There are many types of skirts that are fashionable. And among them, a circle skirt is always on the top. But do you know how much fabric do you need for a circle skirt? It is essential to know what type of fabric, and how much you need to make a circle skirt. And after considering all of these points, you will know what you need to do. To make your own fabulous skirts, you also need to know how you can do it.

Now you must be thinking about what a circle skirt is. How many types of circle skirts are there? How much fabric do you need for a maxi circle skirt? Can you sew two pieces of fabric together to make a circle skirt? And also many other questions. And here this article, we will try to answer all of these questions.

As there are different types of circle skirts, all of them also comes in different length. So you have to use different amounts of fabrics to make circle skirts. If you want to make a skirt that sits with your knee or above the knee, then you can get 45 to 60 inches of fabric with 2.5 yards of fabric. And if you want to make a floor-length circle skirt, then make sure to choose 60 to 90 inches width with 3 yards of fabric. Usually, it is the perfect amount of fabric that you need to make a circle skirt.

If you are a beginner, then you might need a proper guide to get the right fabric in a perfect pattern. Here in this article, you will get all of this information. So read this article and make a decision about what you need to do to make a proper circle skirt.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Circle Skirt?

What is Circle Skirt?

A skirt that has a circular shape and it spreads out easily is called a circle skirt. This type of skirt is full and flowy. That’s why once you have worn it, you will find it beautiful. It can do the inner circle compared to your abdomen. It will give compliment your waist. Also, it hangs smoothly to your waist.

This type of skirt is always on-trend. From cheerleaders to ordinary people, anyone slays in this skirt. It also looks stylish on everyone. All you need to do is figure out the length. And after then you can make your skirt.

Types of Circle Skirts

There are many types of circle skirts for women. They are defined by their length. You can make them as per your requirements once you know what you prefer. So here, in this part of this article, we will let you know about different kinds of circle skirts that are great to wear for every type of person under different circumstances.

Quarter Circle Skirt:

Quarter-circle skirts don’t have side seams. And you can make it with a single pattern. They are easy to make. It gives you a fluffy and full appeal. You can make a full circle of the skirt with it. Although it looks stylish, not many people nowadays wear this type of skirt.

Half Circle Skirt:

Half Circle Skirt usually has two parts. One of them is the base of the skirt and the other one is the waistband. The base of the skirt gives a half-circle vibe. To make this skirt, you need to fold the fabric. After then, it will give a half-circle vibe.

Three-quarter Skirt:

Most people wear this three-quarter skirt. If you don’t like the idea of wearing half-circle or full-circle skirts, then three quarter circle skirt would be a great option. And you will be able to wear it on any type of occasion. Just pair it with a proper blouse.

Full Circle Skirt

A full circle skirt has a shape like a donut. It goes well with the waist. This type of skirt has side seams. It gives a fluffy vibe and makes enough great to look great on anyone. People usually wear this type of skirt. It adds a fluffiness that makes the lower bottom part of the body great.

How much fabric Do I need for a Circle Skirt?

As there are different types and sizes of circle skirts, so you need to choose what type of fabric you want to use based on it. Here we will give you a brief idea about how much fabric you need for a circle skirt in this part of this article. We will try to present you with as much as information possible regarding this matter. We will calculate based on the standard size.

Quarter Circle Skirt:

If you are looking for a mini quarter-size skirt between 14 inches to 16 inches, then you need at least 2.06 yards of fabric that has 58 inches of fabric width. For a mid-size quarter skirt that is between 26 inches to 28 inches, you need at least 2.72 yards of fabric with 69.02 inches of width. Are you intend to make a max size of 38 to 40 inches? Then you might need 3.39 yards of fabric.

Half Circle Skirt:

Do you want to make a mini half-circle skirt? Then you may need 1.47 yards of fabric that has 51 inches in width. For a medium-length half-circle skirt, you will only need 2.14 yards of fabric with 15 inches in width. And lastly, for a maximum-length skirt, you need 2.81 yards of fabric. This measurement would be perfect.

Three-quarter Skirt:

If you want to make a three-quarter skirt, with max size, then you need at least 2.59 yards of fabric. Only 1.92 yards of fabric with 67.14 inches in width would be great to make a third-quarter skirt that is between 26 to 28 inches in length. For a mini skirt, you will need 1.25 yards of clothes.

Full Circle Skirt:

For a full circle skirt that is between 14 inches to 16 inches, you will need only 1.18 yards of fabric. Only 1.85 yards of fabric you will need to make a mid-length full circle skirt. For a long full circle skirt, you will need 2.51 yards of fabric length.

Types of Fabrics to Use for Circle Skirt

Not every type of fabric is suitable for a circular skirt. So here we are mentioning some of the fabrics that are a perfect fit for your skirt. So make sure to read this part of this article. It will help you to understand what you need to get.

Cotton Quilting Fabric

This type of fabric has 100% cotton fibers, So you will get a natural feeling after wearing it. For circle skirts, this one would work the best. You will feel comfortable and also it is easy to sew for anyone. So you can make a circle skirt with it.

Poly-Cotton Fabric

Polycotton is a mixture of both polyester and cotton fabric. That’s why you can say it has a nice consistency and makes it wearable for any season. You don’t even have to worry about getting wrinkled up after wearing this fabric. Also, it makes sure it doesn’t get damaged after a few wears.

Linen Fabric

Linen can give you a nice soft touch feel that you might be looking for in your skirt. It is a great material for making circle skirts, especially for beginners. It has a medium weight that makes it better to wear. If you don’t like to wear cotton fabric, then this one would be a great option.

Satin Fabric

Because of the glossy and slippery texture, the satin fabric gives a luxurious vibe to you. For any special occasion, you can use this type of fabric, and make you look great at an affordable price. You will get an expensive look without spending too much money on it. Its fabric cost is affordable.

How to Make A Circle Skirt?

After knowing all these things, now you must be thinking about how you can make a circle skirt for yourself. However, you don’t have to worry. Because in this section of this article, we will tell you how you can make a circle skirt at home by yourself without any help.

Make sure to follow these steps well. Because once you can make a skirt for yourself, you can show off your talent to the world.

Things you need

  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Your old skirt for measurement
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


Firstly you need to take all of the materials that will help you to make a circle shirt. It will save a lot of time of yours. And you won’t have to find anything middle of the work.


Now you need to take out the fabric that you are planning to make a skirt. Stretch it well. And then fold it in four-time in half. It will make the shortest edges even with each other. After then, you need to fold it again to make sure the long edges meet.


Now cut a bit of fabric for your waistband. Don’t cut it along with the folded side. And also cut it in a straight line.


Now you can take one of your older skirts that will help you to figure out about the waist. Place it into the fabric and then cut according to it.


Now cut the length on both folded edges. It would be better to make a mark on these places with a pencil or chalk. Now you have to draw a curved line between the marks. And then cut them.


Now you have to check the waist if it is in perfect shape or not. If it is in a perfect size, make sure to line them up and hem the edges. And then pin the skirt fabric together with the waistband. Now sew everything and attach them.


Sewing a circle skirt is not that tough at all. You can do it easily. However, it is better to know how much fabric you need for a circle skirt or how you can sew it, or what materials you need. Here in this article, we have tried to cover everything. Hopefully, this article has been a great help to you.

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