How Much Fabric Do I Need for A Pillowcase?

Making a pillowcase with fabric by yourself can be a lot of fun if you think about it. This work is something that you can do fast without having any problems. You will enjoy it once you have done this work.

It also doesn’t take too much time to do work. But there are some basic things that you need to know before you start to make a pillowcase. Such instance, what types of materials in making pillowcases? How much fabric do I need for a pillowcase? What are the proper pillowcase measurements? How to sew a pillowcase by hand? How to sew a pillowcase with a flap?

If you are wondering how much fabric I need for a pillowcase, then you need to know that it depends on the size of the pillow that you are using. If you are making a standard-size pillowcase about 22.5 inches x 31.5 inches, then you need one yard with 45 inches of wide fabric. For king-size or any other pillowcase, you have to know about the measurement of the pillowcase. After then, you will be able to get the proper size of case for your pillow. Make sure you have enough space for a 4-inch hem.

If you are looking into more detail about this, then we have some useful information that can help you below in this article. It will make sure you won’t have to calculate while making a pillowcase by yourself. And you can do it without any problem.

How Much Fabric Do I Need for A Pillowcase

How Much Fabric Do I Need for A Pillowcase?

Usually, a standard pillow comes in 20 inches wide x 26 inches long. So while making a pillowcase for this size, you need at least double-size fabric for it. Because it needs to be well-sized and fitting. If your pillow has extra fabric, then it will be easy for you to put it on.

The cut size of the fabrics needs to be 36 inches by 45 inches. But if you get a yard that is 45 inches wide, then you don’t need to make any extra cuts. All you need to do is adjust the hem size. Make sure to finish the edges properly while you make the hem.

That’s how you can make a pillowcase with a proper size fabric. But it is better to take a measurement tape and then measure the size of the fabric. 

How Much Fabric For a King Pillowcase?

If you have a king-size quilt or bed in your house, it is common to make a pillow based on it. If you are making a pillowcase, then you should also know that you need to make a pillowcase that will work with its size. But do you know the proper size fabric of a king pillowcase?

A king-size pillowcase is 20 x 36 inches. So to make a pillowcase for your king-size bed, you need at least 1 1/2 yards of 45-inch wide fabric. It would be perfect to use. And you won’t even have to worry about getting it small. You can also use more fabric if you are adding some design to it. It will also help you to make some adjustments.

How much fabric do you need for other pillowcase sizes?

Queen Size Pillow

If you are making a queen-size pillow, then it should be 20 inches X 30 inches. So you need to get at least 1.75 yards of fabric with 45 inches wide.

Burrito Pillow

Usually, a burrito pillowcase needs at least 25 inches of wide fabric. So overall if you think, you might need 1 yard of fabric. And it is the highest amount you might need.

Euro Pillow

For 26 26-inch x 26 inches Euro pillowcases, you need 3/4 yard of fabric. It doesn’t take a lot of fabric as it is square.

Bolster Pillow

If your bolster pillow is 20 inches x 6 inches x 36 inches, then you need 1/2 yard of fabric. And if it is 14 inches x 8 inches x 45 inches, then you might need 3/4 yards of fabric.

Types of Pillowcases

Once you start to make pillowcases for your bed, you will see there are many types of pillowcases that people use.

Among them, three styles are popular. These are known as bag, housewife, and oxford. Now we will give you a little description of them. It will help you to understand what type of pillowcase would be better for you to make.


Usually, you will see this type of pillowcase in the hospital or in a hotel room. It has an opening on one side that will help you to insert the pillow and there is no flap here. So it becomes easy for people to fold it and keep it in a secure place.

But nowadays people are using this type of pillowcase in their homes. It is becoming popular day by to the household market. And you can say these are easy to make. So if you are planning to sew a pillowcase, this type may work great for you.


If you are talking about one of the most popular and famous pillowcases for your home, you can say this one is the one.

It has one side close and a wide opening on the other side where you will insert your pillow. There will also be a piece of fabric inside that will secure the pillow on the pillowcase.

This one is one of the most affordable options out there. So whether you buy it or sew it by yourself, both of them will be easy for you. It is also widely available in the market.


Are you looking for a fancy type of pillowcase for your pillow? Then you can choose an oxford-type pillowcase. It is a little elegant and lavish type of pillowcase that you can get for yourself if you want to make your bed look a little bit fancier.

This type of pillowcase usually has a border around all the edges. These borders should be at least 2 inches. You can use any fabric material to make this type of pillowcase. You can use it on a regular basis or maybe when some guest comes home. Some people also use it as decorative shams for their beds.

Types Of Fabric Materials for Pillowcases

Like the styles, there are also various types of materials for pillowcases that people use. They come in different textures and fabrics.

You can choose any of the materials based on your needs. Some are better for your comfort, some are great for your health, some are durable, and some are great for your skin. Not every fabric cost is the same.

So here we are going to mention some of the popular materials that people use for their pillows.


We all know that polyester is a synthetic fabric. Because of the lightweight and wrinkle-resistant feature, you can say it is a great affordable option for people to use. It’s woven everything is great and easy to wash.

However, the problem with this material that many people face is it can absorb heat from your body. So it will make you feel warm even in the summer months. Sometimes it has a pilling problem and sometimes it has static cling. And these are bothersome for some people.


If you are looking for natural fabric that is both soft and durable, there is no matter than cotton material. As it is breathable, it will keep your pillowcase warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You can get a cotton pillowcase in every size. Although you may feel cotton is expensive, it will be worth all of your money once you have used it.

But cotton materials tend to get wrinkled. So you have to be careful while using it. And most cotton pillowcases come in solid colors. So it may be hard to find you one with elaborate designs. You can wash it easily. This type of fabric is for regular use.


Silk fiber comes from nature. It gives you a better surface for your skin and hair. Even at night, it will help you to get better sleep. It doesn’t get frizz and wrinkles. Silk fabric is famous and popular for a pillowcase.

However, it is a bit more expensive than other fabrics. So people might find it hard to make for regular use.


For decoration, throw material is the best thing to use as a pillowcase. It gives a freshness to your furniture. And you can also use it at night.

It doesn’t absorb your sweat or oil. But it can get dirty by dust or anything. Most of these materials are not machine washable. So you have to remove the stain with your hand that too instantly.


For the winter season, flannel material is the best to use. It is both cozy and soft. While choosing flannel fabric, make sure to choose the high-quality one. Because low quality gets damaged easily.

But for longer hair people, it may cause knots on hair easily. But overall this material is also great for a pillowcase.

How to Make a Pillowcase with Fabric?

As you have got all the information on pillowcases and fiber, you must be wondering how you can make it home. So here, in this part of this article, we will tell you how you can make a standard pillowcase at home.

Things You Require to Make a Pillowcase

There are some things that you must need while you are making a pillowcase at home. These are

  • Take yards of fabric depending on how much you are going to make
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Thread


Firstly take out your fabric scissors and cut two pieces of fabric identically. It would be better if you cut them 29.5 inches long x 21 inches wide. In this way, you will get 20 x 26 inches of pillowcase.

Now take another piece of fabric and do the same.


Now fold the pillowcase cover 3.5 inches on the outer edges of the pillowcase. After then, you need to iron the folded part and use a pin to pin it. Now sew the bottom edge.


Now you can put all the pieces together and then do the same as step 2. Make sure to keep the cuff side open. Now you can sew in a straight line on the edges of three sides of pillowcases.


Lastly, flip the pillowcase, and it is ready. The measurement we have said here is a standard size. You can make any size pillowcase you want here.


Making a pillowcase for your pillow is an easy task that you can do in your leisure time. Hopefully, now the fabric measurement is clear for you. So it would be easy for you to make a proper size pillowcase. While making a pillowcase, make sure to choose a better fabric and do proper measurements. It will help you to work.

Have you tried to do any easy projects like making a pillowcase at home? If so, then let us know below in the comment section.

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