Is Acrylic Paint Fabric Washable?

Using paints on fabric is nowadays a trend, especially if you are talking about acrylic paint. You can use acrylic paint to do art or anything you want to do. But the question is, acrylic paints on the fabrics are durable or not? Is acrylic paint on fabric washable? Can you use acrylic paint on the fabric? How to make acrylic paint permanent on cloth? Does acrylic paint wash off in the washing machine? Cloth materials are not like other surfaces that you can use for painting, so you have to be careful about them. So if you have these questions in your mind, you are in the right place. It is because we are trying to cover these topics.

Acrylic paints are usable on fabric. Even they do a better performance on the fabric. However, they don’t last long on the fabric by themselves, even though they are permanent paint. They can get washed off-color if you don’t use a medium or anything to seal the acrylic paint on the fabric. You might also need some process to make sure your acrylic paint doesn’t lose its color. So yes, acrylic paint is washable on fabric if you use a medium to make it permanent.

It doesn’t matter why you use acrylic paint on the fabric. You can use it on curtains or any of your T-shirts for aesthetic purposes. However, in this article, we will tell you how you can use acrylic paint on fabric and how you can make it permanent.

Is Acrylic Paint Fabric Washable?

Is Acrylic Paint Fabric Washable?

Acrylic paint is permanent on every surface. But when it is to fabric, its color can get washed away if it contacts water. As acrylic paint is thicker, it can crack on the fabric once it has dried. That’s why you need to use a medium.

That’s why you have to use a medium. It will help you to set up the color of the fabric. It will help the color set up without cracking up your clothes or making them look bad. So to make the acrylic color permanent on the fabric, you can use a sealer.

Once you have used sealer, it will become tough to remove the colors from the clothes. To remove the pigments, you might need to use some chemical solution. 

And if you to remain the colors on the fabric even after washing, then make sure to clean the cloth in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. And you have to use a fabric softener to stay colors on the fabric. Make sure to dry it by hanging it. While cleaning, it would be better to use cold water for cleaning.

So you can say acrylic paint is washable on fabric if you use a medium with it.

Is Acrylic Paint on Fabric Permanent?

There is nothing in this world that is permanent. Although acrylic paint considers to be permanent, however, it doesn’t work the same way when you are using it on fabric. If you don’t add something that makes it permanent, then it can wash off easily.

If you don’t add a medium on acrylic paint, it can make the fabric hard. In this way, you won’t be able to wear it comfortably. Sometimes due to cracking, the colors can chip off from the fabric.

So overall, you can say acrylic is not permanent on fabric. You have to add a medium to make it permanent. A medium can also help the paint to last long on the cloth.

What Type of Acrylic Paint is Best for Fabric?

There are different types of paints available that you can use. But whenever you mention fabric, you have to maintain some basic things. Cloth materials are not like other surfaces where you can paint. So when you are using acrylic paint on the fabric, there are some things that you have to keep in your mind.

It would be better to get an acrylic paint that mentions you use it on the fabric with the other surfaces. Because regular acrylic paints won’t give you the effect you want. And if you don’t want your color to wash away from the fabric, you can get permanent and non-washable acrylic paint.

Does acrylic paint wash off jeans?

Jeans are made from denim fabric. So you have to get acrylic paint that goes well with denim. So if you read the label before you choose one, it won’t be hard for you to choose one.

You can add a fabric medium with acrylic paint. It will give you the texture you want. In this way, you can wash your jeans without having to worry about fading the colors from the fabric.

What is Fabric Medium? Why Use it with Acrylic Paint on Fabric?

Fabric medium is a thick liquid that people add to acrylic paint to increase its adhesion and flexibility. With the help of this liquid solution, you can turn acrylic paint into fabric paint. It makes thick acrylic paint enough for you to use on clothes without causing any problems.

The fabric medium looks white. But once it dries, the color will become transparent. It enhances the color and brings out the best of it. If both color and medium are high quality, it will give the finest result that you deserve.

How To Acrylic Paint On Fabric Permanently?

Acrylic paint is already permanent. But when it is about to use with the fabric, the colors can get washed away after a few times you clean the cloth. That’s why you need something for it to make it permanent.

To make your fiber art permanent, first, you have to take acrylic paint. And then, you have to take out the fabric medium. Fabric medium can thin the consistency of the thick color.

Acrylic itself is not enough to last long. That’s why it can wipe off easily. Once you have used it with a fabric medium, it will seal the color.

Other than this, there is also another way that will make the acrylic paint permanent on the clothes. You can use heat to make the acrylic paint set up on the fabric. It will also work as a medium.

Can I Mix Vinegar and Acrylic Paint for Fabric Painting?

Some people use vinegar as a fabric medium. It is a type of DIY that you can do at home without any problem. So if you don’t have a fabric medium, you can make a fabric medium at your home. You can use glycerine and vinegar to make a solution. It will work as a medium.

To make this solution, you need glycerine, vinegar, and water. Take a bowl and add an equal part of glycerine, and vinegar, and add two parts of water. After then, you can pour the amount of paint you want to use. You have to use glycerine because vinegar is an acid. So if you add directly on the acrylic paint, it will cause a negative reaction. It might ruin the clothing.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Fabric Without a Medium?

It is vital to add a fabric medium with acrylic paint. In this way, the paint will become smooth and flexible. However, in the case of using it on any type of fiber such as on a nylon jacket, you have to add a medium. Otherwise, the color will become stiff and make a rough texture.

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Fabric?

It is normal to cause mistakes while using paints on clothes. You can make errors or splash paint on the fabric. As we all know, acrylic paint is permanent paint. So it can be tough to remove it from the clothes once it has dried. But it is not an entirely impossible thing to do.

If the paint is still in a wet condition, then you can remove the color to keep it in the running water. When it gets dry, you will need some chemicals to remove them.

Here we will tell you how to remove the colors from your clothes. 

Things You Will Need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A dull knife or spoon
  • Cleaning detergent


If you are removing drying acrylic paint, first, make a solution for it. First, take a bowl and pour rubbing alcohol into it. Then mix some cleaning detergent on it.


Make sure the ratio between them is 50-50. Now soak the area where you want to clean for a few minutes. It will help the colors to lose up.


After soaking, now rub the areas with a dull knife or a spoon. You can also use your fingernails. Now, until all the colors are gone, you have to repeat these steps. Once the colors are washed away, you can clean the cloth in a washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Is Fabric Paint Different Than Acrylic?

After using a medium, acrylic paint becomes fabric instantly. The main difference between fabric paint and acrylic paint is acrylic one is a lot thicker than the fabric one. That’s why when you apply it to the clothes, it gives a rough texture and can crack at any time. On the other hand, fabric paint is thin. And it goes on the clothes smoothly.


Using acrylic paint on old or new clothes can make them a lot cooler than you think. Nowadays it is a fashionable thing to do. Many people use colors to make their clothes a new vibe. So if you are a beginner, you have to make sure you use good-quality acrylic paint.

As acrylic paint is not like other paint, that’s why do you have to add a medium to make it consist great? So you can say acrylic paint is washable if you can use a medium.

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