Is Cotton a Synthetic Fabric?

Cotton is one of the most popular materials to make fabric, but do you know it is natural or synthetic? Although natural and synthetic fibers are used to make clothes, yet there are many differences between them. That’s why even if you use cotton fabric for your daily life, you must know about its fibers. So now you must be thinking about whether cotton is natural or synthetic? Or is cotton and synthetic the same? What is the difference between natural and artificial fibers? There must be many questions that are in your mind. While getting any fabric, you have to know the answers.

Cotton fiber comes from a plant. That’s why you can say it has plant-based fiber. As we know plant comes from nature, so you can say it is natural fabric. That’s why it is easy to create. And the production cost is also not so high. On the other hand, you have to produce synthetic fibers by your hand. With the help of chemicals and other procedures, you have to make them. So you can say cotton is not a synthetic fabric. It is rather than it is natural clothing.

Now you must have gotten your answer about this topic. However, if you want to know more depth about this topic, then this article will be perfect for you. Because we will help you to explore more things about both cotton and synthetic fabric. It will help you to understand everything.

Is Cotton a Synthetic Fabric?

Is Cotton a Synthetic Fabric?

Natural fabric comes from nature such as animals or plants. So you have to collect the fibers from here. You can collect cotton fiber from the plants. And after collecting, you have to go under some procedures that will help you to turn fiber into the fabric. That’s how you can make cotton fabric.

On the other hand, when we are talking about synthetic fabrics, you have to go through some chemical formulation. Overall you can say the synthetic fabric is man-made. So it doesn’t come from nature directly like the natural fibers.

As we know cotton fibers directly come from the plant, so you can say cotton is a natural fabric. It is not synthetic. However, there are some cotton fabrics that are artificial.

Are Synthetic Breathable Fabrics Better Than Cotton?

Breathable fabric means the cloth will allow drying of the moisture with outside air. If the fabric has a moisture-wicking ability, it means the cloth is breathable. Among all types of fabrics, cotton is one of them that has the most breathability.

Cotton is a plant-based fabric. Because of its weaving, it has a loose fiber structure. That’s why it allows the outside air to your body. Also, it makes sure you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing this clothing.

On the other hand, if you think synthetic fabrics are not more breathable as cotton, then you are wrong. There are some synthetic clothes that are breathable. Also, you can wear it for a long time than you think.

But if you are talking about which one is more breathable, the answer should be cotton. It is because cotton is number one when it is the most breathable fabric. So you can say cotton is more breathable than synthetic fabric.

Is Synthetic Fabric Better Than Cotton for Exercise?

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics you can wear for the whole day. Its moisture-wicking ability will make sure there is no bad odor in your body. You will also feel comfy after wearing it. Also, synthetic fabric is comfortable to wear. And some of them have a great moisture-wicking ability.

When we are doing exercise, we have to wear something that makes us feel comfortable. So both natural and synthetic fabric qualify in this term. But it is better to wear synthetic clothing when you are doing sports or exercising. Because they will not make you feel uncomfortable. Even many experts also say wearing synthetic clothing is better than cotton.

Now you must be thinking that if the cotton has more breathability why you should wear synthetic fabric while exercising? It’s because cotton fabric can get wet more easily than synthetic. That’s why it is better to wear synthetic fabric better than cotton for exercise.

Why Is Static Cling a Bigger Problem With Synthetic Fabrics Than With Cotton?

Cotton is a natural fiber. that’s why it can absorb some moisture from both your body and air. Because of this reason, you can say it produces less static cling. There is also another reason why cotton doesn’t create static cleanliness. As we often use fabric softener with our clothes, so it drains all the static form.

On the other hand, synthetic fabric has low conductivity and low hygroscopy. That’s why the electrostatic charges are noticeable. That’s why static cling is a bigger problem with synthetic fabrics than with cotton.

Cotton Vs Synthetic Fabric

CottonSynthetic Fabric
Cotton fabric is made from cotton seed hair. So it is a plant-based fiber.A synthetic is a man-made fabric. You have to mix the natural fibers with chemicals.
Cotton has a high breathability feature that makes it great for summer weather.Some synthetic has great breathability features and some have less.
You can wear cotton clothing for the whole day without any problems. There will be no problem.Most synthetic fabric is not wearable for the whole day.
Cotton has less static cling than any other fabric.The synthetic fabric has low conductivity and low hygroscopy. That’s why its static cling is visible.
It is easy to maintain the cotton fabric. Also, it doesn’t cost too much money to produce cotton.Some synthetic fabrics are easy to maintain. Some of them are delicate to handle.
Cotton has a better moisture-wicking ability. So it will never let the germ grow.As you need to use chemicals to make synthetic fabric, so you might need to spend more money on production.

Are cotton fabrics more expensive to make than synthetic fabrics?

As you can get cotton fabric from nature, so you could say you will get easily its fibers. You can even get larger quantities in a short amount of time. Cotton fabric also has less production cost. That’s why it doesn’t cost too much money.

On the other hand, if you are talking about synthetic fiber, then you have to remember it is a man-made product. That’s why it needs more money for production costs. So retailers make synthetic fabric more costly than cotton.

So you can say cotton fabrics are not as expensive to make as synthetic fabrics.

Is Denim Fabric Cotton or Synthetic?

Denim has a mixture of both cotton and synthetic fibers. Usually, denim fabric is made out of strong cotton fiber with a twill weave. That’s what makes it look heavy and great. It is a by-product fabric of cotton. Cotton and denim are the same.

Because of the finishing and weaving technic, it becomes different than cotton. So you can say denim fabric can be a mixture of both cotton and synthetic.


Now you must have got a clear concept between cotton and synthetic fabric such as sateen fabric. You may need to use cotton fabric to create another synthetic fabric. In fact, it will form a firm base for you.

So you can say cotton is not a synthetic fabric. It has cotton-seed hair as a fiber. By using this, you can make cotton fabric. That’s why you can call it a plant-based fabric. That’s why cotton is a natural fabric. Hopefully, this article has helped you to get an answer.

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