What is Chambray Fabric?

We can see different types of fabrics. You can say both synthetic and natural fabrics are wearable. Among all these clothing, Chambray fabric is a common one that we wear. But many of us don’t know about this fabric. This fabric has many uses. You can wear clothes made from this fabric in any weather. … Read more

Can Elmer’s Glue be Used on Fabric?

To do crafting or any fabric projects, using glue is a must thing that you need. But have you ever thought that you can use Elmer’s Glue on fabric or not? If you have used Elmer’s glue on the fabric, there are also other questions that you might have in your mind. Such as what … Read more

How to Remove Water Stains From Fabric?

Water is something that we regularly use. But have you ever thought that it can leave permanent water stains on your fabric that is hard to remove and will make your clothes or any fabric furniture look bad? Because of the natural element and chemicals, it contains, you can see spots. Sometimes fabrics don’t even … Read more

How to Remove Mold from Fabric?

In moist weather or moist condition, it is normal for your clothes to have mold and mildew. Once it grows on the clothes, you will feel something musty smell on the fabric. That’s why you need to remove mold and mildew from the fabric. But while doing this, you might have different questions regarding this. … Read more

Can You Use Hot Glue on Fabric?

While crafting something, having a hot glue gun is an important tool. You can use it for anything. But when it comes to using hot glue for fabric, you must be thinking about whether it is a good idea or not. Because using glue on fabric can cause many problems. Although some people use it … Read more

Can You Dye Polyester Fabric?

It is fun to cosplay by making clothes yourself. Maybe you can make a vibrant color cloth by dyeing. If you are planning to Dye Polyester Fabric, then you must know if is it possible to do it. Dyeing is a process that doesn’t go well with many fabrics. Different fabrics come with various elements … Read more

What Is Acrylic Fabric?

There are different types of fabrics that we see and use for daily life. Some of them are natural and some of them can be synthetic or man-made. Among all these options, the acrylic fabric is a popular one that you will see. It is one type of protective clothing. This fabric is something that … Read more

How Much Does Fabric Cost?

To do any job, money is involved. It doesn’t care whether you do it for your work or hobby. To make your work easy, you need to make a budget. And the same thing goes for your sewing things. As time goes on, prices keep rising. And for that, it can get hard to know … Read more