What Is Mesh Fabric?

Using mesh fabric to enhance the design of a dress is a lot common nowadays. It has also become a trend to use on almost every textile material. Because of the qualities and texture, it can even make things look better. However, you might be thinking about what mesh fabric is. And why is it on-trend? Before using this fabric, you might be thinking about what is mesh made of. What kind of material is mesh? How is mesh fabric made? What are the mesh fabric properties? What are the types of mesh fabric? Is mesh material waterproof? What Are the Uses of Mesh Fabric? Is mesh fabric stretchy?

You can say there are more types of mesh fabric than one. But most of them are lightweight. It is a loose-knit material that you can get in a different range of thicknesses and weights. You have to knit all the yarns together in grid patterns. It will form in a lot of tiny holes. You will get a different appearance of netting with the help of these holes. From wedding gowns to sporting dresses, these are used everywhere.

Obviously, there is more information about this mesh fabric. And in this article, we will try to give you all the details possible. In this way, you will be able to learn about many things. So if you want to know about mesh fabric more, you can continue to read this article.

What Is Mesh Fabric?

What Is Mesh Fabric?

Mesh is a type of fabric that has a grid-like structure with evenly spaced holes. You can both large and small holes in the mesh. So it depends what the purpose of the mesh you are using. There are various materials that you can use to make this fabric.

It has been more than a thousand years of this fabric. At first, this fabric was used to make hammocks. But after the 19th century, things changed. Textile industries used this material to make mesh fabric for clothing items such as veils, ball gowns, etc.

The first one to come up with the idea to use mesh fabric as a clothing item is Lewis Haslam. He is a British mill owner. In the cold season, he saw his aunt wearing mesh hand gloves. Once he questioned about the holes in the gloves, his aunt told him even though, they have holes yet her hands were warm.

After then, he started to make this fabric. But between the 1980s, there were many suppliers of this fabric. Even many popular icons started to wear mesh clothing.

What Is Mesh Made Of?

As there are many types of mesh fabrics, so you can say different materials will be used to make it. However, if you are talking about textiles, polyester and nylon are the primary choices. Because both of them are strong enough to endure every process and make sure your mesh fabric is durable enough to wear for a long time.

As nylon fabric is stretchy, so you can say it will give you a soft and smooth mesh fabric. On the other hand, polyester will give you UV light resistance and water resistance features. And these features make the fabric great for your different usages.

There are also some wire meshes that directly come from lightweight stainless steel or any bronze. So by using this type of mesh, you will be able to make many metal-based items in your home.

But it doesn’t mean you can only make mesh fabric using these fibers. There are also some meshes that have silk, wool, cotton, etc natural fibers. You can use them to make different decorative mesh fabrics for your home.

But for better especially if you are talking about clothing, it is better to use polyester or nylon. Because both of these are synthetic and durable. You can use these for a long time.

What Kind of Material Is Mesh?

By now, it must have been clear to you what type of materials are used to make mesh fabrics. As synthetics are easily available and durable, so without second thoughts, you can use nylon and polyester. But based on your needs, you will also get mesh from stainless steel, bronze, copper, polypropylene, etc.

You can also use natural fibers. That’s why you can say there is no specific term when you say what type of material is mesh. Mesh is a term for knitting. So based on your requirements, you can use materials to make mesh fabrics.

How Is Mesh Fabric Made?

You can make mesh fabric with different types of techniques. So it totally depends on what type of materials you are using to make this fabric. As the majority of fabrics have polyester or nylon fibers, so we will tell you how mesh fabrics are made in factories.

Step-1: Extracting the Polyamide Monomers

First, you have to extract polyamide monomers from refined petroleum oil. You can use it to make either polyester or nylon fiber.

Step-2: Combining with Other Acid

Now you have to combine these monomers with other acids. Its reaction will help you to make polymers that will create the fibers.

Step-3: Melting and Spinning

Once you have collected polymers, you have to melt these. After melting, you need them to go through spinnerets. It will create polymer strands.

Step-4: Loading and Shipping

After making these strands, you need to make sure they are cooled. Now you have to go through them into texture manufacturing. Once these are shipped, your mesh fabric will be ready.

Step-5: Finishing

In the factory, manufacturers will dye the fibers. Polyester is great when it is time to dye. Once the fibers are dyed, they will start to weave into the fabric.

Step-6: Weaving

After then, the last step is weaving these into a form of mesh. Manufacturers will make different types of meshes based on the requirements.

And that’s how to mesh fabrics are made in factories.

Mesh Fabric Properties

There are many best things about mesh fabric when you talk about it. There are some properties and key points that make this fabric different than other signs. That’s why here in this part of this article, we are going to tell you some of the facts that make this fabric material so popular everywhere.


As mesh fabric has a lot of open spaces, so you can say it is breathable. It has materials like nylon or polyester. Yet because of the pattern design, you can say it will give you enough airflow not to feel too hot.

However, there is a slight difference in the way breathability works in fabric. Because of the holes, the heat and moisture don’t need to absorb into the material. They can escape. So for activewear, this one would work great.


From garments to medical devices, mesh fabrics are everywhere. That’s why its durability needs to be top-notched. Because of the unique structure of the clothing, you can say it stays for a long time. It can also take weight pressure and many things.

When it comes to durability, both polyester and nylon work the best in every way. That’s why both of these are crucial materials in the textile industry. Both of them are structural and flexible. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the durability of mesh fabric.

Weight and Thickness

You can get mesh fabric in both heavyweight and lightweight. So both weight and thickness depending on the product you are using. From ultra-thin to heavier, you will get all types of mesh. There will be no problem.

So if you are talking about the thickness of the mesh fabric, you have to remember why you are getting it. Otherwise, wrong decisions can make your work bad.

Fiber Content

The reason why mesh fabric is so unique and functional is its fiber content. With any type of fiber including metal, you can make mesh fabric. Because of the structure, you can say it works great.

For aesthetic purposes or a goth look, you can use mesh clothing. You can even make a see-through mesh pocket in your clothes. Overall you can create a fashion statement with it. You can say its fiber content is great in every way.


Because of the holes, the heat retention capabilities of mesh fabric are low. That’s why it is not suitable for making sweaters or any warm clothes. However, you can use this fabric for making gloves if you want proper warmth. This is the point where you can say using mesh cloth is not a good idea. So if you are expecting to get proper warmness, then this one is not suitable.

Care and Maintenance

If you treat this type of fabric roughly, then it can cause permanent damage. It has holes that’s why it can snag on anything. Also, synthetic fabrics have issues when it is to heat. So it would be better to take care of this fabric properly with proper instructions.

Types of Mesh Fabric

A mesh fabric is both versatile and unique, so you can say there are different types of them that you can use for different purposes. And here we will tell you about some of them.


A tulle is a pattern of hexagons. Usually, this type of net is used in veils, gowns, dresses, etc. It is not like the other mesh fabric that you have used. It can add some volume that makes dresses look better.

Cotton Pique

For sportswear, cotton pique is the best thing to use. It has a better sporting style. It has an all-over waffle-type pattern. The holes are also tiny enough to make them appear non-existent. That’s why some people said it is not a true mesh.                                                                                                                                    

Polyester Mesh

One of the popular meshes is polyester. It gives you all those features that make it love for you to use. There are all the properties that make it better. It is also stretchy enough to make you feel comfortable.

Power Mesh

The mixture of nylon, and spandex, makes power mesh even better than you think. It has an intense elasticity that makes it great under close-fitting clothing.

Metal Mesh

Metal mesh is not for clothing, however, sometimes people use it to decorate their clothing. Also, these types of meshes are ideal for cosplaying. Because using it can be harmful.

Nylon Mesh

Nylon meshes have extremely stretchy features. That’s why you can say it will give you a better result. In terms of strength and durability, nylon is always top-notch.

What Are the Uses of Mesh Fabric?

There are many uses for mesh fabric. Here we will give you a simple example of it. Most of them are a part of our daily life. And these are,

  1. Fishing Nets
  2. Bridal Wear and Accessories
  3. Sporting Apparel
  4. Dresses
  5. Shapewear
  6. Medical Mesh
  7. Screen Doors and Window Screens
  8. Safety Equipment

Is Mesh Material Waterproof?

Polyester and nylon have water-resistant properties. So if the mesh fabric contains polyester or nylon, then you can say both of them are water-resistant. They have miniature holes that can allow the water to pass by. So you can say some of them can be waterproof.

Is Mesh Fabric Stretchy?

Mesh fabric is breathable and great in every aspect. You can also stretch it because of the way this fabric was made. So yes, mesh fabric is stretchy. That’s why it can handle the weight.

How Do You Clean Fabric Mesh?

mesh fabrics are sensitive when it comes to washing. Because it can snug into anything and lose its shape. That’s why you have to be careful while washing this fabric. Here we will tell you the right way to clean.

Things You Need:

  1. Mesh Fabric
  2. Mild detergent
  3. A large bowl
  4. A dry cleaning solvent (only if there is a stain)
  5. Coldwater

First, take a large bowl and fill it with cold water. A mesh fabric has holes, so make sure not to scrub it. Now put some mild detergent that you have in your home and stir the water well. After then soak the mesh fabric in it. Now, carefully rub the fabric to remove stains. And rinse with water well.

However, if you have a washing machine in your home, then use cold water for it. After then clean the fabric in a gentle cycle.


Mesh fabric is extremely popular for many reasons. As polyester and nylon fabric is durable, that’s what makes the best part of this one. There are both positive and negative sides to this mesh fabric. So hopefully all of your questions have been answered in this article, Make sure to read this article and share your experience with us.

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