What Is Pongee Fabric?

Have you ever heard of Pongee fabric? Although we use this fabric for our daily needs, it is not recognizable like the other fabrics. That’s why for some people, this textile material is still unknown. There are many uses for this fabric. If you don’t know anything about this clothing, then you might be thinking about what pongee fabric is. What is Pongee made of? What is pongee fabric used for? Is pongee fabric durable? Is pongee stretchy? Or Is pongee fabric waterproof? Is Pongee Fabric Toxic? It is normal for you to have these questions on your mind if you don’t know anything.

Pongee is a type of medium-weight and woven fabric. This fabric has a regular dinner warp and an irregular filling. Before, it was a wild silk fabric. However, as time changes, its pattern has also changed. This fabric has natural color silk-like sool. You can use this fabric for garments to umbrellas. It works on every condition. So it works great as an alternative to other heavy-weight linings. It also gives an aesthetic vibe.

If you are interested in this fabric, then the rest of the article will be perfect for you. Because we will give all the information about this fabric that will give you some knowledge. So if you want to know more, read this article.

What Is Pongee Fabric?

What Is Pongee Fabric?

The original name of Pongee fabric is Chun Yafang. This fabric is also known as rain cloth because of its durability. In the early 20th century, Pongee fabric was made in China. And after then, they imported these fabrics into the United States. Pongee is woven in silk techniques. That’s why it has a similar look to silk. Because of the texture, it is recognizable. There is a slubbed effect on this fabric.

Overall, what you can say about this fabric is it is durable enough to work on everything. The best thing about this fabric is it contains high-quality materials. Some people also refer to this fabric as coated nylon spinning. It has a smooth finish that has good elasticity.

You can easily wash this fabric without any problems.

What is 190t Pongee Fabric?

190T is one of the famous pongee fabrics. You can call 190T a multifunctional fabric. With this one, you can use it on both clothings as well as for lining. It goes well with outerwear as well as workwear. You can also print this fabric or use plain dyes.

This type of fabric is waterproof. Usually, pongee fabrics are used for garment lining, bag lining, etc. Its yarn count is 75D. As it is lightweight, so this fabric would be perfect to use.

What Is Pongee Fabric Made Of?

Pongee fabric can be synthetic. It can also be natural or it can have both of them. However, pongee is not a name for fiber. Instead, it is a type of slub woven fabric. Because of the slub appearance, you can say it gives a matte and unreflective look. Yet, there can be a shine depending on the material you are using.

Usually, pongee fabric used to make out of silk. You have to weave the yarns by varying the tightness of the yarn’s twisting at different intervals. That’s how it gets slubbed appearance. Although, pongee is normally made out of silk. However, nowadays, people use a variety of fabrics to make it. It can be polyester, linen, wool, nylon, or any other fabric.

What type of Fabric is Pongee?

Pongee fabric is in between both natural and synthetic. Usually, in china, they used to use silk as the primary material for pongee fabric. Most of the materials that are used to make pongee fabric are from natural sources. You can use silk, linen, wool, cotton, or any other natural fiber. There will be no problem in making them. 

However, it doesn’t mean you can only use natural fibers. Usually, 190t Pongee Fabric has polyester as its primary material. Some of them even have 100% polyester. And some even have nylon as their material. So you can’t say anything specific about this fabric. Because you can make it by using both synthetic and natural fibers.

What is pongee fabric used for?

There are many uses for pongee fabrics. And one of the best is using it for making umbrellas. The best feature of this clothing is it is water-resistant. That’s why you can say for an umbrella, always works the best. Because of the woven style, you can say it looks different than others.

On the other hand, as you use silk to make this fabric, so you can use it to line blouses, or even make a dress along with an umbrella. It is lightweight, so there should be no problem with it. So to make high-quality umbrellas, you can use pongee fabric. All the features and qualities of this fabric make it the best for manufacturing umbrellas. Thus, making it usable for a long time.

Is pongee fabric durable?

As we have said, most of the materials of pongee fabric come from nature, so you can say it is quite durable and strong. While making this fabric, manufacturers have made sure to weave the pattern of this fabric tightly. That creates the aesthetics of the products.

There are also some elements that make this fabric of high quality. It has a water and tear-resistant feature. That’s why you won’t have to worry when you are using it. This one is also abrasion-resistant. Overall if you think about all of these features, you would say it is a high-quality fabric. That’s why most umbrellas are made from this fabric.

What is Polyester Pongee Fabric?

As we know, pongee fabrics have silk as their primary material. However, do you know there are different pongee fabrics using different materials? Among them, one of the most durable and usable pongee fabrics comes from polyester. So you can say by using polyester fabric with pongee style In this way, you can make polyester pongee fabric.

Usually, polyester pongee fabric is for umbrellas. They create one of the best and most high-quality umbrellas ever that you can see. Most of them contain 100% polyester. Some also have a blend of other fabrics. That’s why polyester pongee fabric is best.

Difference Between Pongee Fabric and Nylon

Because of the properties, some people say both nylon fabric and pongo are somewhat the same. They may be the same. However, there are a few things that make them different from each other. And here in this part of this article, we will tell you the differences between pongee and nylon.

Pongee fabric has many varieties when you are talking about using materials. However, most of the time silk fabrics are used here.Nylon fabric is made from nylon. By using Polyamide, nylon fabric is made.
You have to weave the yarns by varying the tightness of the yarn’s twisting at different intervals.You have to go through a lot of chemical processes to make nylon fibers.
Pongee is soft to the touch. It has a smooth texture when you touch it with your hands.Nylon can make a crisp sound once you rub it. It also creates static.
Pongee fabric can be natural and synthetic because of the materials.Nylon is a 100% synthetic fabric. It needs to go through a lot of methods.
Pongee is durable and tear-resistant.Nylon is wrinkle-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about ironing. Nylon is a good fabric.

Is Pongee Fabric for Summer or Winter?

Pongee fabric is something that you can use to create many things. One of them is making clothes for yourself. You can use it to make dresses, blouses, lingerie, etc. So it is great for both outerwear and innerwear. None of them will make you feel comfortable outside.

As we know, most natural fibers are used to make pongee fabric. Especially, when you talk about silk fabric. Because of the sheen gloss silk has, this fabric will also get it naturally. That’s why you will lee pongee fabric lining on casual or luxurious clothes to make them appear great. 

As you can use it for daily wear, that’s why you can say pongee fabric is perfect for summer rather than winter.

Is pongee fabric waterproof?

To make world-class umbrellas, you need high-quality materials. Pongee fabric is one of them. Pongee fabric has all the features that give it the best vibe. It has a water-resistant formula that you can also say is waterproofing. So you can say pongee fabric is waterproof. That’s why you will be able to make umbrellas.

Is Pongee Fabric Toxic?

Pongee has all the materials that make it natural. Most of the time silk fabric is used to make it. However, sometimes you may need to use synthetic fabric as its primary material. The making process of pongee is also simple. All you have to do is properly weave the fabric. That’s why you can say pongee fabric is not toxic.

Pongee Fabric Characteristics

Like the other fabrics, pongee also has some characteristics that make it different from the other fabrics. It also helps you to know a lot of things about the fabric. To make sure you can recognize pongee fabric easily, here we will tell you some of the characteristics that will help you.

  • Pongee fabric is medium weight. It means you can say it is easy to hold.
  • It has the appearance of uneven filling yarns and fine warp yarns.
  • It is resistant to shrinking, abrasion, mildew, and mold. So it will be easier for you to handle.
  • This fabric is soft to the touch and drapes very well. 
  • It is recyclable. Also, it holds all of the colors very well.

How should Pongee be cleaned and taken care of it?

Although pongee is easier to wash. However, to maintain it, you have to do some basic steps that make this fabric look even better. For this reason, you have to know the right process of cleaning pongee fabric. It will help you to use the clothing for a long time. Here we will tell you some basic steps that will help you to clean.

Things You Will Need

  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild detergent
  • A large bowl
  • Pongee fabric


First, take a large bowl and fill it with lukewarm water. As pongee has silk fabric, so make sure not to scrub it. 


Now put some mild detergent that you have in your home and stir the water well. After then soak the pongee fabric in it.


Now carefully rub the fabric to remove stains. And rinse with water well.

However, if you have a washing machine in your home, then use lukewarm water for it. After then clean the fabric in a gentle cycle.

Tips to Take Care of Pongee Fabric

It is important to know some basic hacks about fabrics. It can keep your clothes fresh for a long time as well as keep them new. That’s why to help you, here we have mentioned some tips and tricks that will help you to keep your pongee fabric in great condition.

  • While cleaning pongee, make sure not to anything that has a strong chemical formula. Avoid chlorine bleaching.
  • When you soak the fabric in the water, make sure not to keep it in for a long time. It can cause fabric fading.
  • While drying this fabric outside under the sunlight, make sure to keep the cloth inside outward.
  • It would be better to avoid wiring.
  • Clean pongee fabric separately. It will help the color not to spread. 
  • Avoid using too hot water.


Pongee fabric is used for both the umbrella and your clothes. Its sheen shining gives it a great look. This fabric is also environmentally friendly as it is recyclable. So overall you can say it possesses all the great qualities. Hopefully, through this article, now you know “What In Pongee Fabric?” and it has cleared your confusion about this clothing.

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