What Is Sateen Fabric?

Sateen fabric is nowadays one of the most popular fabrics that will give you a luxurious vibe on your dress. It has a glossy and smooth surface that gives it an expensive look. You can consider it a great alternative to satin, wool, linen, or silk fabric. However, if you have not heard about this satin fabric, then you might have any questions regarding this topic. Such as what is sateen fabric? What is sateen fabric made of? What are sateen fabric characteristics? Some people even get confused about satin and sateen fabric. That’s why you also need to know the differences between these fabrics.

Sateen is a type of fabric that is made with satin weave by using cotton fibers. That’s why it has a smooth and lustrous feel. Because of the glossy sheen, it looks expensive. So you can make your skirt, dresses, shirts, or anything for household decor. This type of fabric has a weft-faced structure. Its backside feels rough. So you will get a semi-gloss look. You will get this fabric in different beautiful colors. 

There is also much interesting information about this fabric once you start to know about it. That’s why here in this article, we will give you a full guide of this sateen fabric that will help you to understand it.

What Is Sateen Fabric?

What Is Sateen Fabric?

As we have stated before, sateen fabric is a type of satin weave that you can make with different fibers. Such as you can use 100% cotton fiber or you can use 100% polyester. You can also use a cotton-poly blend with it. But usually, it is made with cotton fabric. It might look like satin or Peach Fabric.

This type of fabric has a dense rough backside and smooth front side. The structure of this fabric has twisted threads. Its name is similar to satin because of its satin-woven structure. Because of the twisted yarns, the brightness of the sheen will increase once it has been yarned.

Now you must be thinking about why the sheen of this fabric has a soft texture. And the reason behind this is, the sateen weave pattern is different than regular cotton. So its weaving pattern is four over and one under rather than one under and one over.

So overall, you can say, sateen is not a fiber. Instead, it is a weave pattern like satin. And you can use different fibers to make this fabric.

What is Sateen Fabric Made of?

We have already said previously, there are no exact filaments you can use to make sateen fabric. Instead of using this, you have to use staple short fibers to make this fabric. This short fiber will turn into lengths of yarn once you have put it into the manufacturer’s spin.

You can make sateen fabric by using bamboo, cotton, or rayon. As rayon, bamboo, and cotton are natural fibers, so they have all the natural properties and characteristics.

But most of the time people use cotton to make sateen fabric. That’s why you can say it will be comfortable for you to wear every season without any problems.

Is Sateen The Same As Satin?

Because of the name, many people think both satin and sateen are the same types of fabric. However, both of them are not the same. You have to make satin fabric by using filament fibers. The only thing that is the same between this fabric is you have to weave the sateen fabric in the satin weave pattern. That’s why it is called satin. Other than this, there is no similarity between these fabrics. So satin and sateen are not the same.

Types of Sateen Fabric

Like the types of fabric, sateen clothes also have variations. You will find different types of sateen on the marketplace. However, in this part of this article, we will mention only the popular ones. It will help you to understand which one will work for you. So here are these types of satin.

  • Chinese brocade sateen
  • Cotton spandex or stretch sateen
  • Shantung sateen
  • Cosmo Japanese spring sateen.
  • Milly cotton sateen

Chinese Brocade Sateen

Usually, Chinese brocade sateen fabric is made out of 100% polyester fibers. Because of the materials, you can say it is lightweight. This type of fabric is perfect for making dresses, skirts, window treatments, and pillows. You can make them perfectly.

Cotton Spandex or Stretch Sateen

To make this type of sateen fabric, you need heavy-weight cotton. As this cloth is stretchy, so you also need some elastic. This type of fabric is durable. And you can use it for a long time.

Shantung Sateen

To make dresses for special occasions, shantung sateen fabric is the best thing that you can use. This one also needs 100% polyester to make it. You can also make window treatments, jackets, coats, dresses, and skirts with this fabric.

Cosmo Japanese Spring Sateen

Cosmo Japanese spring sateen is lightweight. Also, it is comfortable to wear. To make this type of sateen, you need 100% cotton fiber. You can use this fabric to make blouses, skirts, shirts, window treatments, and dresses. 

Milly Cotton Sateen

As its name, you have to use 100% cotton to make this type of satin. This type of fabric is wearable. So you can only use it to make clothes for yourself. It is not great to make for household items. So you can use it for your wardrobe.

Difference Between Sateen and Other Materials?

Hopefully, now you must have gotten a basic idea about sateen fabric. Now we will tell you the differences between sateen with other fabric materials. It will help you to learn about sateen fabric better.

Sateen Fabric vs Satin

Sateen FabricSatin Fabric
Sateen fabric has bamboo, cotton, and rayon as its fiber content. All of these materials come from nature. So you can say it has all the natural components.The satin fabric has polyester, silk, and nylon as its primary material. You can use both natural and synthetic materials to make this fabric.
Because of the materials, you can say it has a breathable and moisture-absorbent feature.If you use silk fiber to make satin fabric, only after then you can tell this fabric is breathable. If you use polyester or nylon, you can say it is not breathable.
Because of the weaving pattern, it has a lustrous sheen.You will get a luxurious vibe from this fabric.
Sateen has a ΒΌ pattern.The satin fabric has a 4/1 pattern.
Instead of focusing on durability, the main concentration is on the luxurious look.Instead of focusing on durability, the main concentration is on the luxurious look.

Sateen vs Percale

You can wear sateen fabric in colder climates. It is suitable for this type of weather.You can use Percale fabric in the hot summer season.
This fabric feels soft and comfortable to wear.When you touch percale fabric, you will feel crisp.
You can clean this fabric in a washing machine. You have to air dry instead of using a heat cycle.You can use a washing machine to clean this fabric. You don’t have to worry about using the heat cycle.
This fabric is exceptionally durable.This fabric is moderately durable.
The thread count of this fabric is higher.The thread count of this fabric is moderate.

Sateen vs Cotton

The weave pattern of sateen fabric is four over and one under.The weave pattern of cotton fabric is one under and one over.
The thread count of sateen is 120 – 1,000.The thread count of sateen is 400.
Sateen fabric has a softer texture.Cotton is soft. But it is less soft than sateen.
It has a lustrous sheen.No extra shine on the fabric.

How to Take Care of Sateen Fabric?

Although sateen fabric is durable and you can use a washing machine to wash it, there are some things that you have to maintain. Usually, most of the sateen fabric contains cotton fiber. However, you have to make sure there is no pilling, color fading, or has shrunk after washing the fabric.

That’s why here in this part of this article, we will tell how you can wash sateen fabric with both the washing machine and your hands.

How to Wash Sateen Fabric in Washing Machine?

With the help of a washing machine, you can even do the deepest cleaning of sateen fabric. So here, we will tell you how you wash sateen fabric in a washing machine.

Things You Will Need:

  • Washing Machine
  • Sateen
  • Mild detergent
  • Hanger for hanging


Before you wash anything, you have to do prep work before heading. However, when you wash any sateen cloth, make sure not to overfill your washing machine with other clothes. It can ruin your sateen cloth.

You also have to set the temperature before you wash. It would be better if you use the temperature between cold and hot.


Now you have to set the machine in a delicate setting. It will protect your clothes. Now you have to put any mild detergent you have in your home. Any detergent that contains bleach is better not to use.

You don’t have to use any fabric softener as the fabric contains all the natural materials.


After cleaning, you can air dry by hanging this fabric on a hanger. It will dry naturally.

How to Wash Sateen Fabric in Hand Wash?

As sateen is a delicate item, it would be better to know how to wash it in your hands. You may think it is easy to clean by hand. However, there are some procedures that you have to follow.

Things You Will Need:

  • A large Bowl or Sink
  • Mild detergent
  • Hanger
  • Sateen


At first, you have to take a large bowl or sink. Now you have to fill it with cold water. Once you have filled it, you need to add a mild or delicate detergent.


Once you have put the detergent into the water, stir it well. Now you have to put the sateen that you have to wash. Submerge it well with your hands.


Soak your sateen in this water for 30 minutes. And after then, you have to keep the fabric in cool water. And wash it until all the soap is gone.

Now rinse it well. Use a hanger for air drying.


Sateen fabric is a type that is easy to sew and comfortable to wear. Even in the hot summer, you will find its clothing comfy. That’s why you will love this fabric every time you wear it. But it is also normal for people not to know about this fabric although it is popular.

Now must know what is sateen fabric after reading this article.

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