What is Viscose Elastane Fabric?

You can get fabrics in different textures, sizes, and weights. Some fabric works great and some are simply delicate. Now the question is what kind of fabric is viscose. Viscose has not yet reached popularity due to some reason. And that’s why its name might be unfamiliar to you. Many questions can linger in your mind such as what is viscose elastane fabric? Is viscose stretchy? Is viscose elastane fabric see-through? What are the viscose fabric pros and cons? How to sew viscose elastane fabric? Is viscose elastane fabric washable? Is viscose elastane breathable? How to care for viscose fabric? There are also many more questions that you might have. So if you don’t know anything about this fiber, then this article is the perfect place for you.

Viscose elastane is a mixture of both natural and synthetic fabric. It comes with an organic liquid that you have to regenerate to make fibers. It comes from cellulose. And cellulose comes from plant cell walls. You have to operate it with chemicals. And because of this reason, you can get all the natural quality of fibers. Usually, this fiber comes from Beech, Pine, Spruce, Hemlock, Eucalyptus, Bamboo, Soy, Sugarcane, etc. Because of the myriad of qualities, it is somewhat popular. Also, this fabric is low-cost. It gives you a smooth feel like luxurious fabric. There are also many qualities of this fabric. You can use this semi-synthetic fabric for everything.

There are many more things that you have to know about viscose elastane fabric. And in this article, we will talk about this viscose elastane. Also, we are going to provide you with all the details possible.

What is Viscose Elastane Fabric?

What is Viscose Elastane Fabric?

Viscose elastane is a type of solution of wood pulp that people turn into fabric. People use it as a substitute for silk fabric. It has a smooth feel and a similar drape to silk. So you will feel the same as expensive materials do. And you will feel comfortable in it. Overall, this fabric is great to use.

If you are talking about chemically making viscose fabric, then it has a slight resemblance to cotton. You can not say it is a completely natural fabric or a synthetic one. It is somewhat between them. And elastane is an additional component in a fiber. So to make viscose elastane, you use two fabric materials and then mix them for use. 

What is Cellulose?

Cellulose is one of the most important components and carbohydrates in the walls of plants. As viscose is out of wood pulp, so you can say it has cellulosic fiber. It is also one kind of protein. You will get this protein from nature. That’s why you can’t say it is synthetic.

However, you can’t also say cellulose is also natural as it needs chemicals to process. You have to get components from nature. And other things need to be done like a man-made product. It needs extensive processing for the results. So you can say cellulose is one type of protein.

Is Viscose Elastane Breathable? 

Now you might be thinking that is viscose elastane breathable? Can you use viscose fabric in summer or winter? Viscose elastane fabric is breathable because it is water-absorbent. So even if you get sweat, this fabric will pull it from your skin. In this way, you will feel comfortable wearing it. Also, there are tiny spaces in every fiber. So these spaces will allow to let the air to go.

As viscose can absorb water, it also takes a lot of time to dry. It may make you feel comfortable. However, it will only be for a short time. You can feel clammy if the fabric absorbs too much moisture.

Is Viscose Good for Summer or Winter?

Viscose is a man-made product with natural elements. That’s why you can say it is between natural and synthetic fabric. However, Viscose elastane fabric looks like silk. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. And that’s why you can wear it in both warm and colder seasons.

This type of fabric is water-absorbent, lightweight, and breathable. That’s why you can say it would be much better if you wear it in the warmer season. There will be no problem for you to wear it in the warm months. So it would be better to wear Viscose in the summer season.

How Is Viscose Elastane Made?

Viscose materials come from natural things such as tree wood pulp, pine, beech, and eucalyptus. Also, you can use bamboo to make viscose fabric. There will be no problem with it. You can use these materials. As these materials are cheap, so you can say it doesn’t cost too much money.

No matter where you get cellulose, make sure to clean it well and then bleach them. Cleaning fiber can help you to remove all the dirt. And bleach can help you to add colors to fiber.

Once these processes have been done, you need to lead them into the liquid process. In this process, there will be a chemical reaction that can make a sticky liquid.

Then you have to keep the liquid solution in a spinning machine to make it yarn. Once the work is done, you have to weave them or knit them. After then, you have to blend it with elastane. And that’s how you can make Viscose Elastane fabric.

Pros and Cons of Viscose Elastane

Although viscose elastane is a great fabric, almost everything has both advantages and disadvantages side. And the same thing goes for this fabric. So here in this part of this article, we will give you both pros and cons of viscose elastane.


  • Viscose elastane is a breathable fabric. So you can make stylish clothes with them in the summer season.
  • Its silk-like feel will make sure to make you feel comfortable in every weather.
  • It comes from natural elements. So you can say it is lightweight and airy.
  • You can use it as an alternative to silk. 
  • It is hypoallergenic. So you won’t have any problems with it.
  • Hold dye color for a long time.
  • Super water-absorbent feature.


  • Whenever you wash this fabric, it will shrink.
  • Qualities decrease whenever it is exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Need to clean the spot instantly otherwise it gives a permanent stain.
  • Fibers can break apart when you wash them in a washing machine.

What Are the Characteristics of Viscose Elastane?

Viscose elastane is both natural and synthetic, unlike chambray fabric. That’s what makes it different from the other fabrics. Viscose is a perfect fabric that you can use. You can use it as an alternative to silk. Like the other materials, this affordable fabric also has some basic characteristics that make it different from the other fabrics. And here we are going to talk about them.

  • Viscose can absorb sweat and water perfectly. That’s why you can make casual outfits with this fabric in the summer season. There won’t be any problems with it.
  • The viscose material is lightweight. That’s why you can casually wear it without any problems.
  • Although it looks like silk, once you are wearing this fabric, you will feel like you are wearing cotton.
  • It can hold dye colors longer. So no matter how much you use it, its color won’t fade away.
  • You can blend this fabric with other textiles. Such as cotton viscose elastane fabric, polyester elastane fabric, etc.
  • It is breathable. So for warm weather clothes, it would be the best option.

Polyester vs Viscose Elastane vs Cotton

There are different types of materials. However, while making materials some have an easy process and some have a hard one. There are natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics, and semi-synthetic fabrics available. Each of these fabrics has the same work yet there are differences between them.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about them.


  • Polyester is a 100% synthetic fiber
  • It is also resistant to abrasion.
  • Polyester is a strong fabric. Also, it doesn’t shrink whenever you wash it.
  • This fabric was made with oil.
  • Polyester is a moisture-wicking fabric.

Viscose Elastane

  • Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric. It means all the elements of this fabric are natural but need to use chemicals to make them.
  • Viscose elastane has absorbent power. It absorbs water quickly.
  • It can shrink whenever you wash it.
  • All the materials of viscose are from the plant.
  • It can pill anytime


  • Cotton is 100% natural. It doesn’t need any chemicals to make fiber.
  • It is stronger than you think.
  • If the cotton is wet, it gets stronger.
  • Cotton doesn’t have a great drape.
  • You can easily take care of it.
  • It is soft and hypoallergenic.

How To Care for Viscose Elastane Fabric?

Although viscose is extremely affordable. However, while you are taking care of this fabric, make sure to wash it well. This one is a type of fabric that gets weakened when it contacts with water.

That’s why there are some things that you need to make sure to maintain. These are,

  • Make sure to do dry cleaning while washing your Viscose elastane fabric.
  • If you have to wash your viscose elastane, then make sure to do a hand wash with cold water. It will make sure there are no dye bleeds. 
  • For cleaning viscose elastane fabric, you have to use a mild detergent. It will not cause any harm.
  • Don’t squeeze your clothes or stretch them. It will make the clothing look bad. Also, it will ruin the texture of the fabric.


So we have almost covered everything that you need to know about viscose fabric in this article. This inexpensive and perfect fabric is almost misunderstood by everyone because of some of its features. But that doesn’t mean it is bad.

Probably, now you know “What is viscose elastane fabric” and also many more things about this fabric. We have tried to give all the useful information possible. Hopefully, this article has been a great help to you.

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