What Kind of Fabric is Twill?

There are some fabrics that are made with both natural and sensitive fabrics. Twill is one of this kind of fabric. Also, this type of fabric we see in our daily life. From cushions to clothes, it is available in everyday usage. Twill is basically is a type of weaving. This fabric is perfect for pants, dresses, and other things. But unfortunately, not everyone has the idea of this fabric. That’s why there must be some questions. That might be lingering in your mind such as What is twill? What is cotton twill fabric used for? Is twill soft? For which season can you use twill fabric? What are the twill fabric types? Are there any twill weave fabric examples?

Twill is actually a type of weaving that you can do with both natural and synthetic fabric. It displays a pattern of diagonal ribs because of the warp and weft fibers. All of these happen in the weaving process. You can make twill with cotton, rayon, hemp, polyester, wool, etc. You can make twill fabric in different thread counts, colors, styles, etc. Because of the unique weaving pattern, this fabric is famous. Some twill fabrics has 55 cotton 45 polyester. You can make denim, industrial work clothes, bed and bath linens, etc with the help of twill fabric. So you can say with any type of fabric, you can make twill.

Do you want to expand your knowledge about this fabric? Then you are in the perfect place. It is because here in this article, we will try to give you all the information about this fabric as much as possible. So keep reading this article.

What Kind of Fabric is Twill?

What Kind of Fabric is Twill?

Twill is one kind of weave like plain and satin weave. It would be better if you refer to Twill as one kind of weave, rather than fabric because of its diagonal pattern. Usually, the plain and satin weave has straight patterns. That’s what makes the difference between the other types of fabrics.

Darker colors are always on the front side. And lighter colors are on the back in the twill weave. Because of the high thread count, you can say this fabric is thick and durable enough for you to use for a long time. So for twill, you can do multicolor yarn. That’s why they are not printed like the other clothes. You can use cotton, polyester, wool, etc. But originally, this fabric was first made with cotton. But now, people also use synthetic materials to make twill fabric, So you can say any material can be used to make twill fabric.

How to Make Twill Fabric?

You can make twill fabric with different types of materials. But do you know how twill fabric is made? As you can use any type of fiber to make it, so you can anything. However, cotton is the most famous fiber among the others when it is to making twill. So here in this part of this article, you will know how to make twill fabric with both cotton and polyester.

How to Make Twill Fabric with Cotton?

Cotton is a common material to make twill fabric. It is also a natural fiber that is available. So here in this part of the article, we will tell you how you can make twill fabric out of cotton.

Step-1: Harvesting of Fibers

The first thing you need to do is harvest fibers. You have to collect cotton seed or cotton gin. But for the later steps, this one is something that you need.

Step-2: Separating Seeds

After collecting all the seeds, you have to separate them. For compressing step, you need to do this step well as you have to keep them into large rectangular bales.

Step-3: Opening the Bales

Now you have to send them to bales. When all the fibers are mixed you have to unpack the bales.

Step-4: Carding

After then, you need to send all these cotton fibers to carding. It will turn all the fibers into thin and long strands.

Step-5: Combing

Now comb all the cotton fibers. Soon it will turn into spools. You can dye this spool in this step if you want.

Step-6: Finishing

Now with the help of a hand-powered machine, you can turn this spool into yarn. After then, you have to weave the fabric to make it twill.

Step- 7:Weaving

Now you have to weave it like a diagram rib with high thread counts. Usually, a textile factory does this work. However, that’s how you can make twill fabric with cotton.

How to Make Twill Fabric with Polyester?

Weaving polyester is somewhat similar to cotton one. However, there are some different formulas that you have to use. So here we are telling you how you can make twill fabric with polyester.

Production of Monomer Alcohol

From petroleum oil, you need to extract ethylene. And you need to react them with dimethyl terephthalate at a high temperature. These will help you to produce monomer alcohol.

Production of Polyester

Now you need to connect your monomer alcohol with terephthalic acid. It will help you to make a polymer. And it is also known as polyester.


Now you have to extrude this molten substance in a slot. And then keep it cool into long ribbons.


Then you have to chip these ribbons and then melt them again in it.


After they have melted, you need to extrude them in a spinneret. It will spin them.


Once the strands are ready, them a place to keep them cool before you stretch them.


Lastly, you can dye the polyester or do anything to give a proper finish.


Now you have to weave the fabric like you had weaved cotton fabric

What are the Twill Weave Types in Fabric?

There are different types of twills. Not every twill will look the same. Each of them is different. So here we will mention from basic to heavy twill weave fabric. It will help you to understand about types of twill weaves. 

  • Lightweight Twill
  • Heavyweight Twill
  • Broken Twill
  • Diamond Twill
  • Diaper Twill
  • Elongated Twill
  • Herringbone Twill
  • Natural Twill
  • Zigzag Twill

What are Twill Fabric Characteristics?

Twill fabric is like other fabrics except for its weaving style. You can use both organic and synthetic fabric fibers to make this type of clothing. As its breathability is medium, so you can wear it in any weather. You can even use it as a bedding piece in your home.

Its moisture-wicking abilities depend on the fiber that you are going to use. The stretchability of this fabric is low. So you can’t stretch it. As the thread count of this fabric is 100 to 500, so you can say it is high. You can make jeans, slacks, shirts, and bedding with this one. Its heat retention abilities are also medium. So overall, it is a decent fabric that you can use for daily life.

Does Twill Wrinkle?

You might be thinking does twill wrinkle or not? However, the is it totally depends on the fiber you use it. If the twill has cotton material, most likely, it will get wrinkles. To prevent it, you can use iron as well as steam it properly. It will do your work.

However, if the twill fiber has synthetic materials like polyester or nylon, then you won’t have to worry. Because they are wrinkle-resistant. It is better not to eat iron nylon or polyester fabric. 

Is Twill Easy to Clean?

Twills can handle dirt well. That’s why most industrial workers’ uniforms are made with this fabric. It doesn’t appear the clothes are too dirty. So you can say it is kind of dirt-resistant. Also, it can h

Like it can handle dirt well. You can also do a machine wash with it. It is easy to clean twill. There is no problem with it. You can maintain it easily without any problems.

What is the difference between twill and denim?

Twill and denim look the same because of the weaving. Both of them have a similar style which makes them look the same. However, there are also some differences between these two materials. And here this part of this article, we are going to show you the differences between twill and denim.


Twill is one type of weaving pattern. You can make it with any fiber. Both natural and synthetic materials are used. In twill fabric, there are diagonal patterns. Because of the pattern, it kind of looks like denim. But you can even wear it in both warm and colder months. There won’t be any problem with it.


On the other hand, when you are talking about denim then it is like a heavy fabric that has an indigo-dyed warp and a white weft. Because of the double strands of threads, it is not breathable. And that’s why you need to wear it in the colder months. It is rough to the touch.

How Much Does Twill Fabric Cost?

Twill fabric can be both affordable and expensive at the same time. As you can make twill fabric with various fibers, so you can say their fabric cost depends on it. Also, there is another factor. Retailers get fabrics from the factory. So if they got them at an expensive price, they will more likely increase the price.


Twill fabric is a lot common nowadays. Many people wear this fabric. But for some people, confusion always remains. Hopefully, through this article, you have got your answer to “What Kind of Fabric is Twill?”.  Twill fabric is comfortable to wear as daily or casual wear. You can wear it on daily basis.

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