Best Needles for Magic Loop – How to Choose

Are you trying Magic Loop for the first time but don’t know what types of needles will work out for you? Then here you are in the perfect place. Here in this article, we will tell you some of the great needles that will help you to do proper knitting easily. Using the right tool also helps you in many ways.

So to ensure you can the right tool, here we have made a list of needles for the magic loop. All of them have great quality and make sure you can use them for a longer time than you think.

Best Needles for Magic Loop

Best Needles for Magic Loop

Brittany Cable Needles

Brittany Cable Needles

For those people who have difficulties using aluminum and plastic cable needles for magic loops, these Brittany Cable Needles would absolutely work for them. As it doesn’t have metal, you can say it would be lightweight to hold. That’s why you would be able to knit better than you think. You can say it will work better for you.

Although it doesn’t have a curve like the other cable needles have, but depends on what you are knitting, it works better than you think. You will be able to hold it perfectly anywhere even if you have some problems. Also, you won’t have to worry about anything about its quality. Because you can use it for a longer time than you think.

These are shorter. That’s why it won’t get in the way when you hand it back to work. Also, these are thick enough on the ends that will make sure the yarns won’t slip. So you can say it comes with a great quality that assures a guarantee of the product.

For new knitters, this one would be the best to use. You can work with it for practice purposes. It has a narrow shaft that will make sure you can easily carry it. Also, for this reason, it has an easy removal feature. So it is not that bad. You can work with it comfortably.

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9 Pieces Aluminum Cable Needles Stitch Holders

9 Pieces Aluminum Cable Needles Stitch Holders

These cable needles have aluminum material that makes them lightweight and durable. It has a smooth surface that makes it easy for you to knit. So your thread and yarns will across the surfaces easily without any problems. In this way, you will be able to create crocheting easily without any problems.

You can use these cable knitting holders for multipurpose. Its shape will make sure to keep them falling from the needles. As they have different sizes, you can use each of them for different purposes. They have a secure fastener on the end. Also, your stitches will be out of the way perfectly.

In this crochet toolset, you will get cable knitting needles, different types of knitting tools, crooked needles, and stitch holders. All of these tools are convenient to use. So if you are a beginner, then this one would be a perfect thing to use. It contains everything that will help you to learn knitting.

All of them come in different colors. Hooks sizes are perfect to use. And each of them has a smooth surface. Because of the colors, it will be easier for you to identify. In this way, your knitting will be more suitable than you think. So it is a perfect tool for knitting.

Complete Knitting and Crochet Accessories

Complete Knitting and Crochet Accessories

You will get 91 pieces of knitting accessories in this crochet toolset. It includes stitch markers, stitch ring markers, inch tape, plastic locking stitch markers, cable stitch holders, yarn needles, etc. So except for wool, you won’t have to get anything. It is because all of these are in this set.

You can easily use this one for your work. You don’t require a machine. You can also repair ripped seams, missing buttons, etc. From knitting to sewing, it contains everything that you need. So for a beginner, these cable needles for knitting are ideal to use. You can also take it with you when you are traveling.

You will get a compact box with this set where you can keep these tools. So you won’t have to worry about losing anything from this set. And the box is small enough for you to carry with you. This plastic carrying case can hold this cable needle set perfectly.

You can say it is a basic knitting supply kit. This one is sturdy and easier to handle. Its latch will make sure once you open the case, there won’t be any mess in your room. You can even make a sweater out of this set. Overall it would be ideal for a beginner.

Knitter’s Pride KP800133 Aluminum Cable Needles

Knitter's Pride KP800133 Aluminum Cable Needles

If you don’t want to buy a kit and instead of a set you want only needles, then Knitter’s Pride KP800133 Aluminum Cable Needles would be a perfect solution for you to use. These aluminum cable needles have the perfect shape and size that will ensure you won’t suffer from any problems while using them for knitting.

If you want to make small things like socks, then their size will be handy for you to use. They will make sure your small knittings will perfectly fit on them. Hence you won’t have to get trouble making something with wool fabric. Overall, everything about this product is just great.

Its curved shape makes it easier for you to hold the wool and make your own socks. Its smooth, tapered tips slip on stitches. So it will be ideal for you to use. And it always holds the fabric in its place properly. So using this cable needle, won’t be hard to use.

Even if you want to do cable stitches, it will be a perfect tool to do it. Aluminum is always lightweight and needs less pressure than steel. The color of this needle is durable. So no matter how long time has passed, it won’t fade away. And you will be able to use it for a long time.

KnitPal 47 Inch (120cm) Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles Set

KnitPal 47 Inch (120cm) Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

Do you like a U-shaped cable needle for knitting? Then here we bring this KnitPal 47 Inch (120cm) Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles Set. This one has a U shape that will help you to knit fabrics with it. You will get 16 different sizes with it. So you will be able to do various projects with it.

These wooden circular knitting needles don’t come in full like the other ones. So you can say it is unique in every aspect. Its snag-free connection makes sure you can give a smooth gliding of yarn every time you use it. So it is a perfect thing for you to knit things.

Now you will be able to knit faster and easier because of the comfy point. Its solid joint also makes sure you can work with it without having too many problems. Its pointy tips are ideal for lacework. You can also work with super delicate yarn. That’s why you would love to use it.

Along with this needle, you will also get some bonus accessories that will balance your work. You will get a lovely velvet storage case, an info-rich eBook, 6 yarn needles, and a lifetime support group. So it will be ideal for your set. 

Ruidi 13 Pairs of Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Set

Ruidi 13 Pairs of Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Set

It is better to have a set of accessories for knitting, right? Here we bring you a knitting set that can make your work easy and simple. By using this material, you can complete your task easily without having any problems. You will get different sizes of needles, wire connectors, connectors, and protective caps.

All the needles of this one have light aluminum as a material. These are all oxidized to make them rust-free and durable. So you don’t have to compromise on the quality of this product. All of them are engraved properly. So you won’t have to worry about using them for your work.

You can complete a variety of different projects because of this one. These are smooth and don’t have any rough edges. So you can say yarns will pass through easily on it. Overall, everything about this needle set makes you fall in love with it. You can easily distinguish without any problem.

You will get a purple leather bag with this set, It will help you to carry all of the items easily. Everything about this set will make things easy for you. In fact, you won’t have to buy any extra accessories for your work.

KOKNIT Wooden Circular Knitting Needles Set

KOKNIT Wooden Circular Knitting Needles Set

There are different types of materials that you can use as cable needles for knitting. Among them, bamboo is the best to use. Here, we bring the KOKNIT Cable Needles Set that has bamboo as its material along with plastic wire and needles. So you can’t have doubt about its quality.

You will get comfortable using the experience while using it. The smooth and burnished surface will make sure the yarns will glide on the needles without any problems. In this way, you will be able to manage it easily. And you can do hours of comfortable knitting. So you can say it works better.

The flexible memory-free cables will move properly and give stitches. You can also connect your yarn easily. It will give you snag-free knitting. Also, it gives you a tight fit. As it comes with durable quality, you can say it won’t break easily. You will be able to use it for a long time.

You will get 51 pieces of tools in two rows packed. From smaller to larger, you will get every size here. You can also adjust the size of the cable. To keep these things together, you will get a faux leather bag. It is portable enough to keep all of the things properly.

Are circular needles the same as magic loops?

Circular needles are similar to magic loops, but they’re not the same. Circular needles have a flexible cord connecting two needles, making them useful for knitting in the round.

Magic loop is a technique used with longer circular needles to knit smaller rounds. So, circular needles are tools, while a magic loop is a method. Both are handy for various projects, but they serve different purposes in knitting.

What size needle is best for a magic loop?

The best needle size for the magic loop depends on your project and yarn thickness. Generally, a needle size that’s slightly longer than your yarn’s circumference works well.

For smaller items like socks, use a 32-inch cord with US 1 to 4 needles. Larger projects may need a 40-inch cord with US 5 to 9 needles.

It’s about finding a size that offers flexibility and ease while knitting in the round using the magic loop technique.

Buying Guide of Best Needles for Magic Loop

We all know how needles work for the magic loop. It is an essential item when you are knitting something. That’s why you have to find something that gives you a better result. If you are a novice, it is common for you not to have proper knowledge about these. So you can say a guide can help you a lot. 

So here in this part of this article, we will give you a basic buying guide that can ensure you get the best cable needles for knitting.


While getting needles for the magic loop, sometimes size matters, and sometimes it doesn’t. So while getting one for your work, it would be better if you consider this point. Like, you can’t get too big needles for your work. And too small won’t work either.

So to avoid this type of situation, you can get a set of needles. Because they have a variety of sizes, and you can get one based on your projects. Because no one knows when you need what size for your projects. So think about this point before you buy cable needles.


After reading this article, it must be clear to you that many types of materials are involved when you are talking about cable needles for knitting. You will get them in aluminum, bamboo, wood, steel, wire, plastic, etc., and the most comfortable chair for knitting. All of them are pretty great to work with except for the plastic as it can break anytime. However, high-quality plastic might work well. So yes, look for the materials.

Types of Cable Needles

There are different types of cable needles on the market. But among them, 3 types of cable needles are perfect for knitting. One of them is the straight ones that we commonly use. The other is a bit unique. This one is U-shaped cable needles. It has a bend in the center. And the last one has a distinct hook at the end. The last two types are great at preventing yarns from the needle.


The magic loop can be tough to work if you don’t have the proper tools and guidance. So you have to make sure you have both of them. To make your work easier, here we have given you a list of the best needles for a magic loop. Hopefully, they will work out with you.

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