Can you Use Fabric Scissors to Cut Hair?

Cutting hair at home is a common thing. Imagine you are in a hurry and need to give a trim but have no time to visit the parlor. But the question is can you cut your hair using fabric scissors? What happens if I cut my hair with regular scissors? Will you get proper results? Will it cause damage? What hair-cutting scissors will be best for you? Will it make a mess and give you a bad haircut? If these questions are bugging you in your head, then this article is for you.

Cutting your hair is a sensitive part. That’s why you would always want to have a proper tool to cut your hair. Fabric scissors are only for cutting clothes. And it is better not to use any other scissors other than it is only for your hair. However, if you sharpen the blades of scissors frequently, then you can use a fabric scissor for your hair. Because fabric scissors are often dull and can break hairs. So to prevent it, you need to sharpen it from time to time.

When you are thinking of cutting your hair at home, it would be better to get a professional pair of scissors. Here we will give you some basic idea about what you can do even if you plan to use a fabric scissor to cut your hair.

Can you use fabric scissors to cut hair?

What are fabric scissors?

If you wondering what are fabric scissors called, they are known as fabric Shears. Do you know what are fabric scissors used for? The fabric shears’ characteristics are they can cut any type of fabric easily. From leather to denim, you can use the best scissors for cutting fabric. Angled fabric scissors will give you 100% satisfaction.

There are many types of fabric scissors now people use. Among them, Japanese fabric scissors are the most famous. Fabric scissors are too sharp compared to others. So while using it, you need to be careful. Shears have longer handles and sharper blades that are which makes it easier to cut fabrics.

Can you use fabric scissors to cut hair?

Fabric scissors have a different purpose than professional hair-cutting scissors. That’s why you can get different services from it. So you can say it is better not to use fabric scissors for your hair. It is because it will not give you the result you want. If the scissor has a dull blade, then it might cause breakage to your hair. The fabric scissor blade is thicker. So it would be tough for you to cut your hair in a straight line.

You can say you won’t get a clean cut by using fabric scissors. So even if you ever thought of cutting split ends with regular scissors or fabric scissors, it can cause damage to your hair.

But even if you want to try to cut your hair using a fabric scissor, then make sure to sharpen it constantly. Without it, you will damage your hair. So be careful if you are still thinking about using fabric scissors.

Hair scissors vs Fabric shears

Now you must be thinking if both of them are scissors, then why we are not suggesting fabric scissors as an alternative? Even if fabric scissors are sharper than regular ones, there are many things that you need to put into your consideration. And here in this article, we are going to help you in this matter.

We will tell you about the difference between hair scissors and fabric scissors. It will help you to understand why you should use only hair scissors to cut your hair instead of looking for alternatives.

Sharpness Level

Hair scissors and fabric scissors have different sharpness levels. As you need to cut tough fabrics like leather and denim or painting canvas, fabric scissors are too sharp. It makes sure you can cut hair in just a swipe. If you have control over your hand, only then, you can use it for delicate things like your hair.

On the other hand, stainless steels are sharp enough to cut your hair quickly without causing any damage to your hair. And because of it, you have control over your hair. So there should be no problem with it. And you can give yourself a style.


Fabric scissors have Japanese blades that are more active than the average blades people use to cutting things. Hence you can say it is sharp. That’s why you will be able to cut any type of fabric. If you go to a fabric shop, just watch closely, how they cut fabrics in one go. But if you use regular scissors to cut fabric, then you might find it hard.

When it is to hair-cutting scissors, you can say they have stainless steel. So it has enough sharpness that will be able to cut hair better than you think. For hair, this type of material is great to use.

Hopefully, now it is visible to you why hair professional scissors are better to use than fabric scissors.

Length of Time

As you need to cut clothes with fabric scissors, no matter how much sharpness the blade has, you have to sharpen it consistently. Otherwise, it might get tough for you to use to cut. Although Japanese blades are great, because of the frequent cutting process, they are no longer enough sharp to give you a clean cut.

On the other hand, if you are talking about hair scissors, then you need to remember people only use them for their hair. And that’s the reason it can remain sharp for a long time only to give you a clean haircut.


The angle of the fabric scissor blade is ideal for cutting clothes. It has long handles that make it comfortable enough to hold to cutting fabric not trimming hair. And that’s why it will also be suitable for you to use for your clothes, not your hair. It will also make sure it doesn’t strain your hand.

On the other hand, hair scissors are lightweight and only made for hair. So other than hair, it is not suitable enough to cut paper or anything. Even you will also find it uncomfortable to use it for other things rather than your hair or beard.

Does hair dull fabric scissors?

Now the real question is even if you use your fabric scissors your hair will it get dull over time? Will it lose its sharpness? The answer is yes. Because when you are using a sewing scissor for cutting your hair, some of the hair might get stuck in the scissor.

Even if sewing scissors have top-notched material, they will get damaged and dull over time because of the hair. While with hair scissors, this doesn’t happen often. So you can say it would be better to avoid using fabric scissors for your hair if you are planning to use them for fabrics.

Can I use hair scissors to cut fabric?

There are different types of scissors. There are kitchen scissors, regular scissors, hair scissors, fabric scissors, etc. Also, you can use different types of scissors on various occasions. Each of them also has a different purpose. Once you know about them, it will help you to decide which one you can use at which time.

There are some fabrics that you can cut by using hair scissors. Such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. Also, there are some materials such as denim, leather, etc. So while cutting them, you need a fabric scissor. You can’t just use regular scissors for them.

That’s why you can say you can use hair scissors. And it depends on the material. If the materials are not heavier and thicker, then you can use your hair scissors to cut them.

Best Scissors to Cut for Hair and Fabric

As there are many types of hair scissors and fabric scissors in the market, it can get tough for you to choose a proper scissor for these works. But don’t worry, because in this article we have mentioned both hair scissors and fabric scissors. You can pick them.

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Barber Hair Cutting Scissors

Because of the Japanese stainless steel, these Equinox Professional hair cutting Scissors have always been well. Their products speak for themselves. It comes with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges. And both of these make it even better.

Because of the design and shape, you can say it is holdable without causing straining of your hand. This one is used for anyone like salon workers, barbers, etc. Even you can use it at home to cut your hair.

This 6.5 inches scissor is versatile. You can use it on kids, men, women, etc. As it weighs 3.5 ounces, so it won’t be hard to hold. Also, it comes with an adjustment screw that will help you to create your desired tension.

Fiskars 94817797 Micro-Tip Scissors

To cut the different patterns on your fabric, this Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissor will definitely help you. You can cut a wide range of fabrics even at an awkward angle even in the proper position. In this way, you will be able to cut all the sewing products easily.

It has a Micro-Tip blade that will make sure you can cut everything smoothly and don’t spoil anything regarding your work. And also, you will get superior cutting precision.

Because of the precision-ground, high-grade, stainless-steel blades, you can say it is worth it to be the best fabric scissor. Because of the long-lasting sharp edge, you won’t have to sharpen it too frequently.


After reading this whole article, now you must have got your answer about what you need to do. It is better to get a hair scissor for you to cut your hair. Fabric scissors are sharper than you think. So if you don’t have control over your hand, it would be better for you to avoid it.

When it comes to your hair, make sure to choose the one that will work for you. So while deciding on which one would be better for you, make sure to be careful.

Have you ever used fabric scissors to cut your hair? What was your result? If this article has helped you, then let us know along with your result.

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