Can You Use Rubber Cement on Fabric?

Doing crafts with rubber cement and fabric can be a great idea. Among all the types of glues available, rubber cement is one of the most flexible and creates a better bond with the surface. Rubber cement is a component that dissolves easily on any surface. However, we all know that fabric is sensitive enough not to go well with anything. So using rubber cement on a fabric surface can be risky. Before using them, there might be some questions that you can have in your mind. Such as can you use rubber cement on fabric? Does rubber cement work on clothes? Will rubber cement glue fabric to fabric? Would rubber cement work on gluing fabric to cardboard? What is the difference between rubber cement and other glues? These questions are common that anyone can have in their mind before using.

Almost everything goes well with rubber cement. There are no problems using this on fabric. However, with rubber cement, you will not get a permanent result. You can use it for doing crafts at home. That’s why you can say rubber cement will give you temporary results if you use it on fabric. Other than this, you will not have any problems with it. But rubber cement works better on paper-collage type applications.

For some people, rubber cement for their craft project might be new. And that’s why it can be hard for them to work with it. So to help you out, here in this article, we have tried to include all the information possible.

Can You Use Rubber Cement on Fabric?

What is Rubber Cement?

Rubber cement is also known as cow gum. Also, it is an adhesive mixture of elastic polymers with hexane, toluene, acetone, and heptane. These solvents turn the elastic polymer into the fluid. And then you can use it as an adhesive. It can make a powerful and flexible bond.

You can use rubber cement on different surfaces. As it has a water-based formulation, so you can use it easily. It doesn’t do any damage. You can get this one in both thick and thin forms. Nowadays, rubber cement doesn’t have acid. It has gotten popular recently. However, it has some hazards. So it has the potential item for abuse as inhalants and flammability.

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Can You Use Rubber Cement on Fabric?

Rubber Cement is an adhesive that is flexible on every surface you use. That’s why it is common to think you can use it on fabric. You can use it on textile materials for doing any craft project. But you can only use it when you don’t need a permanent result. You can use it when you don’t have time to fix a button, or you don’t have enough time to sew it.

You can also use it to do crafting. Such as adding accessories to the fabric. Or you can use it to make anything you would love. It will cause no damage to the clothes. It is absolutely safe to use on anything, including fabric. There will be no problem with anything except for one.


Does Rubber Cement Work on Fabric?

Although you can use rubber cement on fabric, does it work? Such instance, you can use wood glue on clothes. However, it can leave a stain that will ruin the clothes. Now the question is, will rubber cement will do the same work? It is like fabric glue or not. And here in this article, we will answer this question. 

Yes. Rubber cement works on fabric. However, once it starts to lose its adhesive, it can cause a yellow stain on the fabric. So you have to remove the rubber cement as soon as your work is done. Because after then, it will be hard for you to remove stains from clothes. It can also ruin the fabric.

What is the difference between rubber cement and other glues?

Rubber cement is like glue. However, it is not like the other ones. And that’s what makes it dissimilar from the other glues. It also has adhesive, yet there is a difference between them. Now in this part of this article, we will tell you the differences between rubber cement and other glues. Hopefully, it will help you to understand.

Rubber Cement vs Gorilla Glue

Rubber CementGorilla Glue
Rubber cement is a type of adhesive that is flexible enough to use on anything.Gorilla glue is a brand of polyurethane adhesive.
It has elastic polymers that are mixed with acetone, hexane, heptane, etc.It contains Diphenylmethane diisocyanate, isomers, and homologs.
You can get easy and damage-free removal with rubber cement.It might be hard for you to remove gorilla glue. Because it will give you permanent results on a different surface.
It doesn’t take too much time to dry on different surfaces.Gorilla glue takes some time, depending on the surface you are using.

Rubber Cement vs Fabric Glue

Rubber CementFabric Glue
Rubber cement is for every type of surface.The main properties of fabric glue are meant for fabric.
Rubber cement has elastic polymers with acetone, hexane, heptane, etc.You will find acrylic as the main ingredient in fabric glue. That’s what makes it give a permanent result.
Once the rubber cement has lost its adhesive, it can stain the surface.Fabric glue doesn’t cause any stains on any surface.
You can not wash anything after using rubber cement.You can wash fabrics as much as you want after using fabric glue. There will be no problem with it.

Rubber Cement vs Contact Cement

Rubber CementContact Cement
Rubber cement has water-based formulas.Contact Cement has heavy solvents. That’s what creates a permanent bond.
Contact Cement always does permanent work. Hence, it can be tough to remove it from the surface.For construction jobs, you can use contact cement. It will stick things well.
You can remove rubber cement easily without any problems as it does temporary work.Contact cement always does permanent work. Hence, it can be tough to remove it from the surface.

Does Elmer’s Rubber Cement Work on Fabric?

Elmer’s is a famous brand that makes adhesives. Among all the other glues, rubber cement is the best to work with. You will find it easy to apply on whatever surface you want to use. It also includes fabric. So you can say, Elmer’s is usable on fabric. You can use Elmer’s on fabric for your crafting job. But remember, no rubber cement will work permanently on clothes or any textile materials.

You can keep this point in mind while using Elmer’s rubber cement on any fabric.

Would Rubber Cement Work on Gluing Fabric to Cardboard?

Rubber cement is not meant to be used for professional work. But if you want to use it with fabric to cardboard, you can use it. It will work. But once the adhesive is finished, the material will fall off the cardboard. It can also create a stain that will destroy the overall look. So yes, rubber cement work on gluing fabric to cardboard. However, you will not get a permanent result from it.

How To Apply Rubber Cement on Fabric?

Rubber cement is known for its fluid flexibility. That’s why you can also apply it on any type of surface without any problems. If you are new at doing these works and don’t know how to do it, have no worries. Because here we will give you a proper guide to using rubber cement on fabric.

Things You Will Need

  • Rubber Cement
  • Fabric
  • Accessories that you need to attach


Firstly take out all the materials that you need to use. In this way, when you are doing work, you won’t have to waste your time finding things. Wash the fabric that you need to use.


After drying, the clothes, you have to lay the fabric down on a hard surface. Then at first apply cement to the object that you want to attach with your fabric.

Dip your brush into the bottle at use a small amount of product at a time. Brush the glue into a thin layer. Dip your brush into the bottle at use a small amount of product at a time. Brush the glue into a thin layer.


Now press the object onto your fabric to join. The best thing about rubber cement is it doesn’t wrinkle while drying. So you won’t have any problem with it. Wait till it dries completely.

Precaution While Using Rubber Cement

It is easy to use rubber cement. However, because of the ingredients, you have to keep some precautions. So here we are going to mention two points that you always have to remember while using rubber cement. 

  • As rubber cement is highly flammable, when you use it, make sure you are not around open flames or any high-heat place.
  • Rubber cement contains many toxic ingredients that can harm your health. So use it in a well-ventilated area. If you don’t have such a place, keep the window open. It will allow fresh air.

How to Remove Rubber Cement from Fabric?

There is rubber cement on your fabric. If you want to remove them at any cost then this part of this article will be helpful for you. Here we will tell you how you can remove rubber cement from fabric.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Fabric with rubber cement
  2. A dull knife or spoon
  3. Petroleum jelly
  4. Prewash stain remover


At first, you have to scrape off excess rubber cement on the fabric by using a dull knife or a spoon. You can also use your fingernail. But a knife or spoon will be a great choice.


Now, if there are some glues on the cloth, you have to rub petroleum jelly in that place. After then, you have to gently roll off the rubber cement.


Once the pieces of rubber cement have come down, you can pretreat the fabric with a prewash stain remover.


Now you can wash the fabric like how you have washed them until now.


You might face some problems while using rubber cement on the fabric. However, it is also flexible to use for a temporary job rather than using it for permanent work. Rubber cement formulations have changed through the years.

Hopefully, through this article, we have answered the question “can you use rubber cement on fabric?

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