Can You Use Fabric Paint on Polyester?

Fabric paint has acrylic polymers that can adjust well with synthetic fibers like polyester fabric. That’s why many people love to use fabric paint on polyester to make clothes appear new and trendy. Using fabric paint on clothes is now fun for both kids and adults. It lets people express their artistic vision. You can use this type of color to decorate your T-shirts, cosplay dresses, curtains, etc. However, when you are talking about using paints on fabric like polyester, there are many things that you need to keep yourself reminded of all the time. Such as can you use fabric paint on polyester? Because Synthetic fabrics can’t handle everything? What type of fabric paint would work great on polyester fabric? If you paint polyester with fabric paint, should you still seal it?

Using fabric paint on polyester is not a bad idea. In fact, it sets up well on this fabric. However, while choosing fabric paint for your polyester clothes, make sure it doesn’t have an oily finish. Because usually, fabric paints are thick. So if the color is oily, it will not adhere to the polyester fabric. If you want to seal the color on the clothes, you also have to take care of the temperature. This is because high temperatures can melt synthetic fiber. When using fabric paint on the polyester, make sure you read the label. It can tell you whether you should use it or not.

It is normal to have many questions when you are new to something. So if you are new at using fabric paint on clothes and want to gain some experience, this article would be perfect for you. Here we will try to answer all of your questions.

Can You Use Fabric Paint on Polyester?

Can You Use Fabric Paint on Polyester?

Usually, on the fabric paint, there are acrylic polymers. And acrylic polymers can adhere well to polyester. That’s why it would be better to check the label before you get paints for your fabric. It will help you learn what type of surface you can put these colors on them.

Sometimes it can be hard for you to stick paints to the polyester. But for that, you have to go through some procedures. It is like, you have to heat set the color after you apply it to the clothes.

Fabric paints are usually thick. You have to squeeze out the color directly onto the fabric. There are also thinner fabric paints available. You can use a brush to do detailed work and design as you like.

If you want the best pigmentation that goes well with polyester fabric, you can get regular acrylic paint and fabric medium. Once you have mixed it, it will create a thin texture that is perfect to use on fabrics like polyester.

So you can say, that as long as you avoid using oil-based fabric paint, there will be no problem using fabric paint on the polyester. Because once this type of paint dries on polyester, it becomes stiff. Also, it can peel or crack from the clothes.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Polyester Fabric?

As polyester fabric has synthetic fiber, not every type of paint is suitable for this fabric. That’s why while choosing paints, you need to consider some things. Some colors can give a chemical reaction that may ruin the clothes. But there are some paints that are specially for synthetic fibers. Now this part of this article, we will talk about them.

Acrylic paints do one of the best work when talking about painting clothes. It does a great job. However it is better to use a fabric medium before using this color on the polyester.

You can also use any traditional fabric paint or spray on the polyester fabric. Fabric markers are also great to use on polyester fabric. So you can get any of them. It will work well on them. But you need to follow some procedures to make sure the colors go well on the fabric.

Oil fabric paints are the worst for polyester fabrics. They can crack and peel once they have dried on this cloth. They also take too much time to dry. So it would be better for you if you didn’t use them.

Will Fabric Paint Stay on Polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fabric. That’s why when you talk about this fabric, you have to keep some things in consideration. Synthetic material can be sensitive in some situations. That’s why while you use something else with it, you have to make sure it goes well with the fabric.

Fabric paint is safe when it is about using it to alter clothes. However, to make sure these colors go well with the clothes and give you a permanent result, you need to use a fabric medium. It works as a primer. It makes sure the paint glides well on the clothes and gives you the perfect finish without cracking.

So yes. Fabric paint will stay on polyester permanently. But it will be better to use a fabric medium along with it.

Will Acrylic Paint Work in Fabric? or Does It Stiffeners on Polyester?

Among all types of paints you have seen, acrylic paint is one of the most versatile ones. It works on every surface without any problem. It has acrylic polymers that make sure it glides on the clothes. And the same thing goes for polyester fabric. You can use acrylic color with polyester fabric.

However, if you only use acrylic color in polyester, the paint will stiffen the fabric. To prevent it, you have to add some fabric medium. It will make the thick color thin. And you can easily apply it to the fabric without any problem.

So yes, acrylic paint will work in fabric. But do not cause any stiffness on the polyester fabric, it would be better to use a fabric medium. In this way, it will also seal the color of the cloth permanently. And it will last long.

Does Tulip Fabric Paint Work on Polyester?

Tulip fabric paint is one of the famous brands to use on the fabric. It gives your clothes color permanently. If you read its product description, it says it works 100% on polyester fabric without any side effects. Many professionals also recommend this brand for use on clothes. It will cause zero harm to anyone.

So yes. Tulip fabric paint works on polyester. You may also not need to use a fabric medium to make this color permanent. It will work on its own. However, some people have issues with the colors of this brand.

Can You Spray Paint Polyester Fabric?

There are many types of paint forms that you can use on polyester fabric. Some come in powder form, some have liquid form, and some are in a spray bottle. Among all of them, if you wish to dye your polyester cloth with fabric paint, it would be easy to use spray paint.

Spray paints are easily applicable. However, before you apply it, make sure to check the product description that it works on polyester fabric or not. 

If I Paint Polyester with Fabric Paint, Should I Still Seal It?

As we have already mentioned in this article, no matter what fabric paint you use on polyester fabric. It is better to use a fabric sealer to seal it. Because not using primer can cause peeling or cracking the paint that no one wants. It can damage all the work you have done.

That’s why whenever you are using a color on any surface, you should use a primer or fabric medium. It will seal the paint and make sure you don’t suffer from any problems.

How to Paint Polyester Fabric

There are many ways to paint a polyester fabric. Now it is up to you how you can use paint for painting. You can choose any method you would love to do. Here we are mentioning some of them.

  • For decoration, you can cut the tape and make stripes. Now you can use these stripes to design such as flowers or anything you would love to do.
  • Some people also love to use a brush to do designs. If you can draw with your free hand, you can use this method to alter your clothes into fashionable ones.

How To Remove Fabric Paint From Polyester?

There are different ways to get rid of fabric paint from polyester. It is normal to make mistakes while altering your clothes. However, if you are talking about removing the color, it depends on whether the paint is dry or not.

If the paint is still wet, you can easily remove the color by dabbing some water on it. The color will be clear after some time.

But the color is still there means it has already hardened. You can use any paint thinner to remove it. Also, some people say it can harm the fabric. But it will not damage if you use it in a limited ratio.

Once the color has been removed, you can use any detergent to wash the clothes.


Polyester is one of the common fabrics that people love to use for their daily wear. Using fabric paint on it can make the fashionable vibe that you want to create. Many people use fabric colors on it. However, does it last long on the clothes? Hopefully, in this article, you have got your answer to “Can you use fabric paint on polyester?” So now you can paint your clothes however you like. Just follow the proper instructions.

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