Can You Use Tacky Glue on Fabric?

Tacky glue is widely famous because of its strength to join things together. However, have you thought that you can use tacky glue on fabric? Like you can work with them on wood, paper, and many more things. But are these safe enough to use on your clothes without causing any damage? Using glue on fabric can help you in a lot of ways if you don’t have time to sew things, you can just use a thin layer of glue, and then it will attach. It can save you time.

But there are also other things that can be in your mind such as does tacky glue work on fabric? Does tacky glue dry clear? Is tacky glue waterproof? How long does tacky glue take to dry? How to use tacky glue? And also many more questions. Here in this article, we will try to answer all of these questions.

Tacky glue is known for its fixing property. You can use it as an alternative to patching clothes, especially if you are adding lace to your fabric and you don’t have the time to stitch it on the clothes. It won’t cause you to do hardship or anything. Moreover, Tacky glue doesn’t cause any bad reaction to the fabrics like super glue usually does. So you can say it would work well. However, if you have to wash the fabric consistently, then it will not give you a permanent result. But you can use Tacky glue instead of sewing for a short time.

But before you start to use Tacky glue on the fabric, you need to know the procedure of working with it. So make sure to read this article as we are going to give you enough useful information here.

Can you use tacky glue on fabric?

What is Tacky Glue?

Tacky glue is polyvinyl acetate white glue. It is thick enough to grab everything well and make sure the product remains in the contract for a long time. It makes a strong bond between the fabric and the lace or whatever you want to join there. And you might get a permanent bond.

Tacky glue is also known as Aleene’s All-Purpose Tacky Glue. It has PVA that will make sure the glue creates a stable bond. And you can also use it on materials like fabric, wood, paper, metal, etc. And it is also safe to use for everyone as it contains nothing that will cause you problems.

Can You Use Tacky Glue on Fabric?

As Tacky Glue has PVA, so you can say it is extra thick and tacky than other glues that are available. You can use it on paper, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, etc. But unexpectedly, you can also use it on fabrics. It has a polyurethane formula that gives it a better bond.

Once you have used it on fabric, you have to wait for a few minutes. It dries clear and permanently. So you won’t have to worry about anything such as making a white mark that can change the pattern or damage the design.

So you can keep your trust in tacky glue. It will work. However, if you have to wash the fabric frequently, then there are chances to get washed away from all the glues from the fabric.

So you can use tacky glue on the fabric, but it would be better if you don’t use it for a permanent result. Because sewing would work much better than you think. Other than this, there is no problem using Tacky glue on the fabric.

Can You Wash Clothes with Tacky Glue?

It is normal to wash your clothes after it gets dirty. But what if you have used Tacky glue on your clothes? Can you wash them like regular clothes? The answer would be a big no. Because Aleene’s All-Purpose Tacky Glue is meant to be for non-washable clothes. It means you need to use it on such a fabric that you won’t have to constantly.

Warm water and laundry detergent are enough for you to remove tacky glue. Once or twice cleaning fabric with water won’t cause any damage. However, it can weaken the strength of the glue. So for a permanent result, you need to use tacky glue for non-washable fabrics.

How Long Does Tacky Glue Take to Dry?

Like any other glue, Tacky glue also needs some time to make a permanent bond between the fabric and the accessory that you are going to attach. It depends on how many layers of Tacky Glue you have applied to the cloth. But usually, Tacky Glue takes time to dry from 5 to 35 minutes.

If you let the glue for a long time, it will create a stronger bond than you think. As this glue dries faster than you think, so make sure to keep all the equipment ready before heading. It will save you time. And also you won’t have to worry about damaging your clothes.

How To Use Tacky Glue On Fabric?

When you are using Tacky glue on fabric, make sure it is non-washable. Also, it will be better to do a patch test whether the glue is better for the type of fabric you are going to use.

After considering all of these points, you need a guide on how to use Tacky Glue on fabric. Here we will give you that.

  • Firstly you need to clean your fabric properly. It would be better to clean your fabric with a liquid dishwasher. Because the dirty fabric is not something that you need to work on.
  • Make sure not to use glue on a wet cloth. First, you have to dry the cloth properly. Once the cloth is dried, you have to use a thin layer of coat on the fabric.
  • When you are applying glue to the fabric, make sure all of your equipment is right in front of you. As tacky glue dries faster, so you have to work fastly.
  • Once you have applied the glue, you can attach the accessories or fabric farmly on the cloth.

Once the tacky glue dries and you have to wash the fabric for any reason, make sure to do it after 24 hours. Because the more you wait, the more strength becomes stronger. 

Tips and Tricks to Use Tacky glues On Fabric

As fabrics are delicate, so you have to make sure to keep cautions that will let you use Tacky glue comfortably. Here we are going to give you some advice that will help you to use Tacky glue easily without causing any trouble or damage.

  • As we have already said before, Tacky glues can dry fast, so for this reason, you have to make sure you have kept designs ready since the start. Once the glue dries, your work will become tough.
  • When you are applying glue on the fabric, and you feel like there are extra glues on the cloth, it would be better to use a wet cloth to wipe that particular place. Make sure to do it when the glue is not dry.
  • Work in a normal temperature area. Make sure the area is well-ventilated. A humid temperature can ruin your work and even damage your cloth as it would be hard to work.

Difference Between Tacky Glue and Fabric Glue

Now you must be thinking if you can use tacky glue on fabric for a temporary result, then what is the difference between tacky glue and fabric glue? That’s why here we are going to tell you the difference between Tacky glue and Fabric glue. It will clear your confusion.

Fabric Glue

  • Fabric glue has acrylic as its main ingredient. As we know acrylic is water-resistant. So even if you do washing or anything with it, there will be no problem for you. And also it is convenient to use.
  • You can use fabric glue without any problem as it stays there for a long time. It doesn’t cause any problem with the cloth. So you won’t have to worry about damaging anything. 
  • Fabric glue is meant for fabric. Also, it is acrylic-based. So it is not washable. No matter how much you have washed it, you will get a permanent result.

Tacky Glue 

  • Tacky glue has resin. As it is PVA glue, so you can say it won’t work if water is involved. Because water can wash away easily tacky glue. It is not water-resistant like fabric glue.
  • Tacky glue works great in wood, paper, plastic, and other materials. Where on the other hand, when the fabric is involved, you can use it for a temporary result.
  • Tacky glue is thick. That’s why it doesn’t work flexibly on the water. So when the water is involved, its strength gets low.

Does Tacky Glue Wash Out of Clothes?

As we have said earlier that Tacky Glue has strong strength, However, Aleene’s Tacky glue is not permanent on clothes. You can say it is washable. So it won’t be hard for you to remove. There are a few methods that will help you to remove tacky glue from the fabric.

The first method is using warm water and liquid detergent. But this method only works when the glue is still wet. Soak the fabric in warm water. And then gently rub it. After that wash the cloth like normally you do.

If the glue dries and you want to remove the glue, you can use a small amount of liquid detergent and rub it into the affected area. Now soak the cloth in cold water. Then wash the fabric with detergent-like usually you do. For this process, it would be better not to use hot or warm water as it can cause a stain.


Doing crafts or designing your own fabric with different accessories is fun. You can do it while enjoying it. However, sometimes it can be bothersome to sew them on the fabric. That’s when people use glue. Like the other glues, Tacky Glue also known as Aleene’s All-Purpose Tacky Glue is famous to attach things. But using Tacky Glue on fabric can be a little bit confusing. Hopefully, we have answered the question of “Can you use tacky glue on fabric?” through this article.

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