What is Chambray Fabric?

We can see different types of fabrics. You can say both synthetic and natural fabrics are wearable. Among all these clothing, Chambray fabric is a common one that we wear. But many of us don’t know about this fabric. This fabric has many uses. You can wear clothes made from this fabric in any weather. Now you must be wondering about what Chambray fabric is. Is Chambray Fabric toxic? Does chambray wrinkle? Does Chambray wrinkle? Is it stretchy or not? What are the materials of this fabric, etc? If you have no idea about this fabric, then it is common for you to have these questions. Hence, in this article, we will try to give proper answers to these questions.

Chambray is a natural fabric. It is plain-weave cotton fabric or linen fabric. As this fabric is lightweight, so it is comfortable for people to wear. It is both dense and fine. So you can compare this clothing with denim. Although, it has a more breathable feature than denim. It comes in light blue in color. For summer clothing, this fabric is hugely famous to wear. You can make shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, shoe tops, etc out of this fabric. For both men and women, this one is popular for its items of clothing.

Do you want your research to go further and want to know the deep details of this fabric? Then you are in the right place. Because here we are going to give you all the information possible about this fabric. It will help you to gain knowledge further. So you can read this article below.

What is Chambray Fabric?

What is Chambray Fabric?

Chambray fabric has been made with linen or cotton. It is a lightweight yet dense material. That’s why this fabric will give you breathability and comfort. And you will get an affordable option to wear in the summertime. This fabric is widely famous since 1300.

Chambray fabric was made in France in 1300. It was created in Cambrai in France. As it is made from linen and cotton, so it is a better option to wear in the summer season. There is also some Chambray fabric that was made out of silk.

But in the 1700s, Importing french fabric to England was illegal. That’s why British people started to use Indian cotton fibers. In this way, it loses some of its popularity there. But once the problem was solved, people outside France started to use it. Now China has been producing and exporting this fabric.

As China manufactures this Chambray fabric, so it has been exported to many countries. You can use this fabric instead of using denim in the warm season. Because denim is heavy, so it can be hard to wear in the summer.

What are Chambray Fabric Characteristics?

Chambray fabric has a plain weave. That’s why you will find Chambray’s texture soft and smooth to the touch. From an office look to a chilly night out, you will find this fabric suitable to wear. This chambray clothing comes in both a lighter and heavy look.

There are many characteristics of this fabric that makes it noticeable. Usually, Chambray has 150-500 thread count variations. It has a high moisture-wicking ability. That’s why it won’t cause any problem once the clothes are wet or you sweat. It will not pill. Because it is less prone to pilling. The fabric has low stretchability.

How to Make Chambray Fabric?

We all know that Chambray is made out of cotton, linen, or silk. However, do you know how Combray fabric has been made? As it has been made with another fiber, so there is a procedure and rule to make this fabric from cotton. They have a technique to make it. So here we will tell you all the processes that you need to make Chambray fabric.

Step-1: Harvesting of Cotton Fibers

When it is around cotton harvesting month, you have to start cotton production. You can pick the cottonseed, or you can take it with the cotton gin. This is the first step you need to do to make Chambray fabric.

Step-2: Separating Seeds from Fiber

Once you have collected cotton seeds, you have to separate them from the fiber. Because after then, you need to compress these fibers into large rectangular bales. So make sure to separate the fibers from the seed well.

Step-3: Opening the Bales

After then, the bales will transfer into a production facility. Once these bales are opened, you need to see whether the contents are deposited into the mixing machine or not.

Step-4: Carding

Once the cotton fibers are mixed, you need to card the fibers. In the carding process, these raw fibers will become rope-like strands. It will make the fibers join together.

Step-5: Combing

Once the fibers are carded well, you need to comb them. It will turn them into spools.

Step-6: Finishing

After the fibers have turned into a spool, you need to make them spun with the help of a hand-powered machine. It will turn them into yarn. Your Chambray is ready for weave.

Step- 7:Weaving

You have to warp and weft strands of the fiber over each other to make Chambray fabric. And that’s how you can make Chambray fabric. You can use dye to make different colors such as red, and pink chambray fabric.

Types of Chambray Fabric

When you are talking about Chambray fabric, you might also think there are other types of chambray fabric. However, the answer is no. There is only one type of chambray fabric. But there are also other names that people like to use instead of Chambray. Here er are going to talk about them.

The other terms are,

  • Chambray
  • Cambric
  • Batiste


This type of fabric is the regular type of chambray fabric that you see. These are made traditionally. And their texture and other things are also smooth.


Although Cambric and Chambray are similar, there is a slight difference between them. Cambric is lighter and smoother than Chambray. That’s what makes both of these different.


A weaver whose surname was Baptiste believed to be was the creator of Chambray. In the 14 century, this fabric was created. Batiste is also like chambray fabric. Both of these are the same.

Is Chambray Fabric Stretchy?

Chambray is madr from cotton. And that’s, why it is not that stretchy like you, will see other materials. It will highest 10% stretch. That’s why this type of fabric is perfect for making blouses, shirts, skirts, and other types of dresses that you can use both casually and at night out.

Does Chambray Wrinkle?

Chambray is like a cotton fabric. And that’s why you can say it can get wrinkled like cotton. That’s why you have to use a hot iron constantly to make the fabric look smooth. Make sure to keep the setting of the iron always on cotton. And also, the same thing goes for steam.

Chambray Fabric VS Denim Fabric

Because of the weave style and texture, chambray looks like denim. Denim fabric is heavy and dense. That’s why it is better to wear it in the colder months. But chambray looks like denim, yet it has a denim look. So you can say there is a lot of difference between them despite looking the same. Here in this part, we are going to talk about it.

Chambray Fabric

  • Chambray has a plain weave construction. It has a blend of single strands of colored and white thread while weaving.
  • Cotton is lightweight as a material. That’s why Chambray is also the same. It is lightweight enough for you to wear even in the summertime and colder months. Its strength makes it versatile.
  • Chambray material is soft to the touch. Its texture is smooth and squashy. That’s why you would feel comfortable while wearing it.
  • On Chambray fabric, you will see a Unique sheen. It makes your clothes look better and great. And you can wear it for a longer time than you think.

Denim Fabric

  • The denim fabric has a twill weave construction. It has double strands of threads. And it can weave like a diagonal pattern. And that’s what makes it different from chambray.
  • The denim fabric is thick and heavy. That’s why it can be sometimes hard to wear for a casual look. You can just wear denim pants.
  • Because of the construction, it is rough to the touch. That’s why it is not comfortable for people to wear a shirt or dress.
  • For the colder seasons, denim gives a classic look. It can be uncomfortable to wear in the spring or summer.

How Much Does Chambray Fabric Cost?

Usually, the cost of the fabric depends on the material and making process. So when you are talking about Chambray fabric cost, you also need to keep it in your mind. 

Chambray fabric is not that expensive. Meaning you don’t have to spend a lot of bucks to make cloth out of it. But if your Chambray fabric has silk material, then it might cost you.


Chambray fabric is popular clothing nowadays. It comes from nature so the making process should not be that hard. Some people might get confused Chambray with denim. But Chambray fabric is a lot more comfortable to wear. Hopefully, this article has helped me to know about what Chambray fabric is.

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