How Much Does Fabric Cost?

To do any job, money is involved. It doesn’t care whether you do it for your work or hobby. To make your work easy, you need to make a budget. And the same thing goes for your sewing things. As time goes on, prices keep rising. And for that, it can get hard to know about the right price. And if you are a beginner, then it might be hard to know about the materials and tools prices.

At that time, it is a common question you can have in your mind that, how much does fabric cost. What is the fabric cost per meter? What is the most expensive fabric? And What is the cheapest fabric material? How can you calculate these prices?

You can buy fabric in the yard or bolt. When it comes to pricing, there are many factors that people consider. You need to think about the materials, quality, color, type, and many more things. They affect the pricing of the fabric. You can get under $5.00 a yard to $30000 a yard. Sometimes it depends on the brand name or store and cost of production. So dor you, there is still scope for you to bargaining.

The thing is, you can get the same type of fabric in different stores at various price ranges. So you could say, all you need to know about is the right place. That’s why here in this article, we are going to give you all of the information that you need regarding this matter.

How much does fabric cost?

How much does fabric cost by the yard?

You will not get an exact answer if you want to know a bolt of fabric cost. Because not every store and retailer asks for the same price.

But if you are talking about the average price of high-quality fabrics, then it should be around 15$ to 60$. And when it comes to luxury fabrics, you need to pay at least 1000$ to 1500$ for par yard.

Also, there are other facts that need to be considered. And here, we are mentioning all of them that affect the cost of the fabric per yard.

Material Types

There are different types of fabrics you will see in the marketplace. And it influences the price of them in many ways.

If you are talking about velvet, wool, and denim types of fabrics, then you need to pay more money because they are heavyweight. Rare materials like lace, silk, nylon, and satin are not always available.

And that’s why they cost more than other types of materials. It is easy to produce cotton and polyester. They are lightweight. Because of these reasons, these are cheaper than the other fabrics.

Width of Fabrics

There are different units of textile measurements. Most of the fabrics were measured with a linear yard. So for a yard, you need at least 36 inches of fabric. It is also a standard measurement. So before you cut fabric with fabric scissors, you need to make sure its length should be 36 inches.

It is because, each of the fabrics has a different type of material, so cutting it into 36 inches can make a difference in terms of pricing. That’s why you can say the width of the fabric can verify different pricing in fabric.


As low-quality product needs less money to manufacture fabric, they don’t cost too much.

But if you are talking about high-quality fabrics, then you need to remember their maintenance cost. So low-quality fabric will need less money. And high-quality fabric will be a little bit pricy.

Retail Engagement

It is normal for retailers to have competition among them for their benefits. And it also plays a lot in fact, when it is about pricing.

They try to beat each other’s prices for their business. It helps them to draw in more business. So you can say fabric prices can change because of retail engagement.

What Causes Fabric Expensive?

As we have said, there are many things to consider when talking about the cost of fabric. You can say what type of fabric you are getting affects the price.

So if you are thinking about what are the factors that make so the difference in fabric price, then this part of this article is for you. We will mention most of the factors here.


While making fabrics, raw materials are one of the most important parts of the expenses. At least two-thirds of the total cost of fabric depends on the raw materials.

You can say the making and quality of the fibers are the main things when it comes to the cost of fabrics. As we have said previously, linen, wool, silk, cotton, polyester, and nylon all are different from each other.

And making process them is also different. With such an instance, you can easily get cotton materials. So it won’t cost you too much. But for silk or wool, you need to import them as they are not widely available.

The counting of yarn also affects the cost. The raw material has expensive counts, which means you need to spend more money to make the fabric. So yes, raw materials affect fabric cost.

Production Values

After collecting or importing all the raw materials, you also need to care about the production cost. Usually, fabrics are made from machines, so you know you will need some maintenance costs.

That’s why you can say it affects the pricing of fabric. So you also have to keep it in your mind.

Type of Dye

For colorful fabrics, you need to spend money on the dye because raw materials are not colorful. If you are looking for darker tones, then you need to spend more money on the dye.

And if you are looking for light-colored clothes, then it has a simple process. For darker colors, you need to use more. And there are also some dye colors that are expensive.

Do These Factors Affect Retail Prices?

In every way, these factors that we have mentioned in this article affect retail prices. Because retailers pay all the costs that we have mentioned above.

So if these costs are expensive, then they need to spend more money. As it is a business for both factories and retailers, you can say both of them want to profit.

Factory charges more money than they have spent on the fabric to the retailers. Retailers also do the same to the customers so that they can make a profit. You can say both of them do the same thing. So if you think the fabric is expensive, then it means the retailer had to spend money to get it.

What Type of Fabric is The Most Expensive?

By now, we have known that there are many types of fabrics that you can purchase. Some of them are hard to get and rare. For a small amount, you need to pay a hefty amount of money. So here we will mention some of the types of fabric.


Guanaco is a wool material. The fibers of this material are thick and fine. And that is why you can say it is an expensive product. It is soft and keeps you warm. You can get a sweater or a scarf from this material. It is extremely comfortable to wear in the colder months.


Cashmere material comes from the Himalayan mountains of Asia cashmere goat’s fur. As cashmere goats have a thick coat, so you can say it is one of the softest wool fibers.

Each of the goats only gives 200 grams of fiber that too once a year which is not enough. And that’s why it is so expensive.


There are many types of furs are available. But among them, the best and most expensive one is leopard fur. It is illegal to get this type of fur.

But you can get furs from Mink and Chinchilla. They are hard to work with but best in another way. It can cost at least $100,000.

Vicuña Wool

If you are talking about one of the most expensive fabrics that you have seen, there is no doubt that Vicuña Wool would be in the first place.

It is like Guanaco but in a better version. It comes from South America. Only 500 grams of vicuña wool cost around $3,800. That’s why you can say it is soo expensive.

Mulberry Silk

To make this fabric, you need to feed silkworms mulberry leaves. It has one of the higher quality that is best and 100% natural. They cost around 60$ per yard. Also, it is hypoallergenic.

So there is no doubt that it is comfortable and great. It is not expensive like the other materials we have mentioned, but it is great.

How Much is Cotton Fabric Per Yard?

Cotton is one of the most affordable fabrics you can get. There are two types of cotton you will see in the market. One is traditional cotton that you can get easily. And another one is the organic one.

You can get both of them as they are available everywhere. You might need to spend between 5$ and to 20$ per yard. Organic ones are more expensive than traditional ones.

How Much is Satin Fabric Per Yard?

Satin is a man-made fabric. So you can make a lot at a low cost. Although it looks great as an expensive fabric, but it costs less than you think. You will get both style and quality with it. You can get it between 4$ to 40$. Price difference because of the quality.

How Much is Silk Fabric Per Yard?

As silk is a natural material, so it can be hard to get it. Usually, this material is made from silkworms. It is a luxury item. It needs a lot of money to produce. There are many types of silk fabric versions that you will see.

If you are looking for raw silk, then you can get it for 10$. And for woven silk, you can get it between 5$ to 65$ per yard. The cost difference depends on the quality.

Where Can You Get Fabric For Free or Cheap?

For those people who don’t want to spend too much money on fabrics, there are some ways to get it. You can get fabric for cheap or maybe free.

If your house has old clothing or any bedsheet that you don’t want to use, then you can use it as your fabric. It is a great way to get free fabric. You can also wear your old pants and shirts.

For cheap fabric, you can look into thrift shops or you can look for sales. Sometimes big shops give a whole discount to get rid of old fabrics. You can grab this opportunity and get them.


Hopefully, this article has all of the useful information that you need to know about fabric costs. Different areas can vary different prices. The price of fabric depends on the type and quality. So while getting fabrics, make sure to note this point. And after that you can get one.

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