Best Fabric to Practice Sewing – Cheap Fabrics for Beginners

Are going to practice sewing but worried about which fabric to use? It is a common question among beginner sewers when they want to practice sewing. But for them, it can be hard to know as they are a novice. That’s why you need to have the proper knowledge. 

Sewing can be a hobby for you. However, no matter what you do it is important to have full knowledge. That’s why here in this article we have tried to include some of the fabric that is perfect to practice sewing even at home.

Best Fabric to Practice Sewing

Best Fabric to Practice Sewing

1. Szsrcywd Store Cotton Craft Fabric Bundle Squares Patchwork Lint

If you plan to start sewing by yourself and want to practice it, then this type of fabric would actually work for you. You will get 100 pieces per pack. Each of the fabrics is 4 x 4 inches. All of them have different patterns. It will help you to explore your creativity while sewing.

All of these fabrics are 100% cotton. And we all know cotton fabrics are easy to take care of. You can iron them and wash them easily. So you can make anything with this fabric except the mask. You can say for a beginner, this one would be great.

All of these fabrics come in a square shape. However, you can cut them into any shape you want. You can make a doll’s dress, purse, hand puppet, wallet, etc. These fabrics are perfect for making them. These pre-cut squares are ideal to use. Its texture is also ideal to make sure you don’t feel tough to use.

These fabrics are thin. That’s why it would be better for you to use it if your intention is only to practice sewing. Other than this, you don’t have to worry about anything. So overall, you can use it to make simple things. It would work great.

2. Gooswexmzl Craft Fabric Bundle Squares Patchwork Fabric

Here we bring another cotton fabric that texter is both soft and of great quality. That’s why when you are going to practice sewing with this fabric, you won’t find the job too hard. Instead, it will make your work even easier than you think. So this one is also great if you are considering the quality.

Each sheet of this fabric is 10 inches x 10 inches. All of them are trimmed manually in a square shape. That’s why you can cut each piece easily for sewing things. You will get a net cut from it. There will be no wrinkles on the fabric. So you won’t have to worry about it.

You will get 50 different patterns on each of the fabrics. So you will have enough space to explore your creativity. In this way, you will be able to make various DIY handicrafts. So this one is a great product for a beginner. And you can learn comfortably.

For making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops, and school projects, this one is a great choice. These are high-quality fabrics. So you can say it is comfortable and breathable. All of them are also eye-catching. That’s why this one is ideal for a newcomer.

3. Hanjunzhao Quilting Fabric

Are you looking for twill fabric for sewing? Then this one would work well for you. It contains 100% high-quality cotton that is ideal for a newbie. Because it is durable enough for you to sew and use glue on the fabric. That’s why it would be great to use.

In these 7 pieces of fabrics, you will get 7 different patterns. They have floral, striped, gingham, and polka dots. All of them are available in the grey series. Overall it looks great. And you can make anything with them as they are available in 18 inches x 22 inches.

They have a higher density than any other fabric you have ever used for your practice. Also, you can wash these fabrics on a washing machine. It won’t cause any problems for you. You can make different things with it. There won’t be any problem for you. Overall, it would eventually work out for you.

It is soft and comfortable to hold. That’s why you can make even dresses for kids with it. It goes well with the skin. Because of the designs of the patterns, everything looks great. You will also enjoy your practice sewing time with this fabric.

4. Mudder SG016503

All of the fabrics from this brand are 20 x 20 cm. You will get 50 different pieces in 50 different colors. That’s what makes it different than the other ones. It will meet all of your diverse needs when you are about to practice sewing with it. In this way, your training sessions will be better.

It is made of cotton. You will also get them in a variety of colors. So you can cut them in different shapes according to your needs. All the colors are vibrant and make sure they don’t fade away when you wash them. Even for crafting, this one is great to use.

For DIY works, this one would work great. If you want to do parch work, you can use it. This one is great for DIY, sewing, dolls clothes, wallets, sewing toys, tildas, scrapbooking, patchwork, and quilting. Even for beginner practice, it will give you a great opportunity.

You can easily cut this soft fabric. But before using this fabric for sewing, make sure to do the prewash. In this way, the fabric won’t shrink or cause wrinkles on the fabric. When you are comparing it with the price, you can say it is quite cheap and affordable. So for practice, this one is a great option.

5. AK TRADING CO. Muslin Fabric

Are you a beginner when it comes to sewing, then this one would work out really well for you. This fabric is at least 63 inches wide. So you can say for practicing, it will be a great fabric piece for you. Instead of sewing small things, you can even make your own clothes.

This fabric has a natural light drape and stiffness. That’s why you can say it has a soft touch along with a smooth finish. Its cotton content makes it even better to use. That’s why you can even wash it on both machine and hand. So its quality is always on top notched.

You can use these muslin fabrics for both making clothes and crafts. There is a luxuriously rich feeling once you touch it. Also, it has a medium weight. So overall, it will be great for you if you want to learn how to sew clothes.

There are no colors or bleaching in this cloth. You can dye it if you want to. There will be no problem. Even you can print different patterns on it. It will do its work decently. So there is nothing for you to worry about. And you can do creative things with it.

6. BYY Store No Repeat Design Printed Floral Cotton Fabric

For sewing craft things, these No Repeat Design Printed Floral Cotton Fabrics will be a perfect solution. Because this one creates an ideal surface to make sure you can learn how to sew fabrics without causing any problems. Moreover, you can practice with this tissue-like fabric. There will be no problem with it.

You will get 56 pieces of different designs of cotton-like the picture. So it will be a huge collection for you to work on. Also, you can make different designs with it. There won’t be any type of issue for you. So overall, it is a great deal when you consider its pricing with the other ones.

All the prints of this fabric are eco-friendly. So you won’t have to worry about getting any type of allergic reaction. And you can make many other sewing crafts with them. So it is a great and decent product among the others.

All the fabrics here are already trimmed. And all of them have a great finishing. That’s why it won’t be a hassle for you to cut it down when you are working with it. So from crafting to other works, you will be able to do by using these fabrics.

7. flic-flac Quilting Fabric Squares

This one is also like the previous ones. It comes in a 4 inches x 4 inches fabric. You will get 240 sheets per pack. So you will get enough amount of fabric that will let you learn and practice sewing clothes. You will be able to make various things with them.

All of the pieces are available in pre-cut squares. That’s why it will be comfortable for you to sew them. All of the prints are in nice condition. So you can say it will be great for you. As there are different patterns, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You will get patterns in polka dots, stripes, gingham, prints, and flowers. All of these textures are great to work with. You will have a lot of room for your creativity. Every item will look great.

Buying Guide of Best Fabric to Practice Sewing

If you are practicing sewing for the first time, then you need to get proper pieces of clothes. That’s why you need to have a proper understanding of this topic. So if you are a newbie, you need to have a guide. In this way, it will be easy for you to find the best fabric to practice sewing.

Type of Fabric

As there are different types of glues, so it can be hard for you to know which one would work great. Many types of fabric can be used for sewing. However, Can you work with any type of fabric?

That’s why while working with fabric, you have to make sure you use something that is only for sewing. Also, you have to be sure to consider what type of fabric you are going to work on. Because natural and synthetic fabric doesn’t work with the same type.


There are many types of fabrics. And not every type has the same quality. So make sure to choose a fabric that is durable enough to endure everything. You might think you are just getting fabric for practicing. However, it would be good if you practice the right things.

So if the fabric has high quality, it means you can use it however you want to. It won’t cause any type of problem for you. In this way, you will be able to work easily.

That’s why you need to purchase one that keeps you interested in your work. If the base is strong, then you can work comfortably.


Not every fabric is the same. Some can clean up faster and some are slower than usual. That’s why you need to check out the drying speed before you choose the fabric.

There are some fabrics that are easy to wash. They don’t take too much time to clean up. Some even have simple washing instructions. So you have to choose one based on this.

In this article, we have mentioned some fabrics that dry fastly without causing any problem. Most of them are machine washable.


The fabric needs to be strong enough not to rip off when you are sewing. It’s because as a beginner, you might need some time to adjust to the clothing. That’s why you need to know whether the fabric is high quality or not. Or, does it have enough strength to use for a long time?

Although you might be a beginner, however, this one is something that you have to consider. Because if you want to work with sewing permanently, then you have to know what you are doing.


You also think about the texture when you are talking about the fabric. Fabrics can be thick or thin. Some also feel like tissue. That’s why you have to choose a texture that is soft to touch and comfortable to hold. In this way, you can sew the fabric without having too many problems.


In this article, we have tried to include everything that might work for you as a novice. These fabrics are affordable so you won’t have to spend too much money on purchasing them. So hopefully, through this article, now you got to know about the best fabric to practice sewing.

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