What Is Acrylic Fabric?

There are different types of fabrics that we see and use for daily life. Some of them are natural and some of them can be synthetic or man-made. Among all these options, the acrylic fabric is a popular one that you will see. It is one type of protective clothing. This fabric is something that … Read more

How Much Fabric Do I Need for A Quilt?

Do you want to make a quilt for yourself? With its making process, you can both recycle and create a new gift by yourself. To make a quilt, you also need three layers of fabric. The first one is for the top, one for batting, and the last one for backing. For the top, you … Read more

How Much Does Fabric Cost?

To do any job, money is involved. It doesn’t care whether you do it for your work or hobby. To make your work easy, you need to make a budget. And the same thing goes for your sewing things. As time goes on, prices keep rising. And for that, it can get hard to know … Read more

Can You Use Gorilla Glue on Fabric?

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Can you Use Super Glue on Fabric?

Using glue for fabrics is a common term. But the question is what glue to use on the fabric? There are many types of glues available in the market. And among them, fabric glues are the most used. But sometimes on situation demand, you need to look for a fabric glue alternative. Some people might … Read more

Can You Use Fabric Paint on Canvas?

Using fabric paint on canvas is a trend. But the thing is can we use fabric paint on canvas board? You can use fabric paint to do DIY decoration has become a new style nowadays. From decorating pieces to your clothes, you can use them for anything. It helps you make a creative talent about … Read more